Huge Crowd Gather to Purchase Marijuana After Legalization In Las Vegas

The entrance swung open midnight and the first number of customers were all anxious to be a part of history.

At 12.01am Saturday, Nevada turned into the fifth state in the US to legalize recreational marijuana and supporters of the medication were seen marching through main street.

Las Vegas will gain the most from this new legislation with a huge tax revenue of up to $60million anticipated for the initial two years.

An enormous number of tourists going to Sin City are expected to make almost two of every three purchase from marijuana retailers.

Some in the business have said Vegas which draws in more than 42 million tourists every year will turn into the ‘central hub for marijuana’ overtaking the likes of Amsterdam in Holland as the world capital of marijuana.

More than 500 individuals gathered outside the Euphoria Wellness dispensary and Enterprise, on the outskirt of Las Vegas, and cheers erupted as the doors opened.

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