Is This the World’s Oldest Policeman? 91 Year Old Officer Says He Doesn’t Plan to Retire Yet

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Talk about passion, L. C. “Buckshot” Smith may just be the world’s oldest policeman at 91. Smith drives around in an  unmarked police car, but everyone in Camden, Arkansas and earned his popularity by working more than four decades for the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department, where he went by his childhood nickname “Buckshot.”

After 46 years as a deputy, he retired — for only five months. He said he didn’t have any fun during those five months. “I don’t hunt. I don’t fish.”

So he went back to what he knows and loves best – policing

Over the course of his career, Smith said he has “taken more people home than I’ve taken to them to jail.”

“He does not want to retire. In his words, to me, he’ll retire when the good Lord tells him to,” said chief Boyd Woody.

source: CBS News


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