Just Like That! Tennis Legend, Boris Becker, Loses £100million Fortune After Investing In Nigerian Oil

The stunning details of how tennis legend Boris Becker lost a huge part of his £100million fortune in shady investments in the Nigerian oil sector, have emerged.

According to top German news magazine Der Spiegel, citing documents from soccer whistleblowing platform Football Leaks – which claims that Becker struck deals with Nigerian oil firms in 2013, the dubious ‘mega-deal’ was brokered by a Canadian firm and a Nigerian employee of Becker.

The documents reveal that in July 2013 Becker held shares in an oil and petrol firm in Nigeria, but the deal tanked last month after nearly a year of contraction in the oil sector that also had crippling effects on the Nigerian economy.

According to his lawyer, John Briggs, the former 49 year old Wimbledon champion, once estimated to be worth upwards of £100million, was not a ‘sophisticated individual’ in matters of finance.

Becker, was subsequently declared bankrupt over undisclosed sums owed to London-based private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co since 2015, Daily Mail writes.

It is understood that his remaining assets will be disposed of to pay creditors following a ruling by a UK judge in June that he’d had the debts for a ‘very long time’.

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