Keys To Fighting an Addiction

At one time or the other we all develop habits that seemed harmless at first but later developed to become a roadblock to our personal effectiveness and health. Plenty of people suffer from one addiction or the other over which they feel they lack the power. But should we really be caged by smoking, masturbation, stealing, sex (some persons are addicted to that as well) and the likes. Wasn’t man supposed to have dominion over the rest of creation?

If you are addicted to any vice the first step is to understand that nature has not made it that we stay under bondage of any form of activity. Most addictions stem from a sense of insecurity or frustration. To fight your addiction to a standstill you have to identify first what led to your embarking on such activity at first. If you drink uncontrollably or can’t seem to stop smoking do a bit of self search and try to pinpoint how it started. Picking out the root of your addiction will help you objectively face the battle of stopping the addiction.

Do You Have The Desire to Stop?
Nothing difficult can be achieved if there is no desire behind the objective. Several years ago I discovered for myself a way to develop desire for any goal I had in mind. I focused on thinking about the gains and positive values to be reaped from attaining such goals. I call it value thinking. Focus on the gains and joys of getting rid of that addiction. Picture how better a person you will be free from slavery to any vice.

Acknowledge Your Situation and Seek Help
Nobody can physically help you get rid of any addiction. It is rather a psychological and spiritual matter. First begin with God. Having decided you are helpless and in need of help get to pray. Prayers need not be elaborate. Effective prayers are rather simple and straight not painted with flowery phrases. The thing that matters when you pray over your addiction is the desire behind your prayer.

You’ll need to get encouragement and support from persons who have fought the same battles you are fighting. Locate genuine and committed groups similar to your need and join them. Go out of your way to help others. Nothing makes your burden easier than helping others lessen theirs. It’s strange but that’s the best way to let your own problems find their way out the door.

Identify and Eliminate Sources of Addiction
According to the Mafia Manager, the mob (mafia) eliminates weaknesses by cutting out the source. An addiction is a weakness and a fatal one at that. Borrowing the mob method will work well for you. If you masturbate slavishly identify the things that induce you to masturbate; porn movies, lewd talk etc and cut them out to the barest possible minimum. You would have to force yourself to stop lots of activities you previously embarked on. One thing about the human body and psyche is that it easily gets accustomed to things they come in contact with often but with self control it readjusts if over a long period it ceases to be close to those influences.

Get Busy
It is an overworn saying but continues to remain relevant; An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. To stand a chance of winning the war over your addiction you’ll have to keep your mind and body energies positively occupied. Minimize the time you spend alone in isolated, idle thinking and apply your creative powers to more positive work.

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