Ladies: See The 9 Warning Signs That Tells Your Man Is A Womanizer

Most women out there are still looking for the right guy, the guy they will spend their lives, their soul mates who will always be there at every time, loving and caring for them but finding the right guy can be very exhausting with the rate of players out there.

Many ladies are scared of making the same dating mistakes over and over again, with the fear of dating woman’s greatest fear “The Womanizer”

“The Womanizer is a man who isn’t ready to settle down yet, but he’ll do anything to convince you that he is, he will tell you you’re the love of your life and that you’ve got great eyes, great legs and great everything”.

But how do one know a guy is a womanizer, here are some tell it all sign that tells you have gotten a womanizer on your hand.

He is super vain

Always getting your name wrong

He only appear at night

He never keeps to his words

Locks his phones

Always flirting on social media

Moves really fast (smooth player)

Doesn’t call back for ages

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