Meet talented Nigerian man who’s building a computer made of brains (photos)

A Nigerian man identified as Oshiorenoya Agabi is presently extending the shores of things thought to be impossible with his ongoing project which involves the development of a computer with brains.

Agabi runs Koniku, the world’s first neurocomputation company, which operates between biotechnology and electronics. The young man who resides in California wants to show the world through his company that computational power is an engineering problem. He has also been able to proffer viable solutions to that too.

The Nigerian genius is working hard in order to create biological neurons and silicon computer chips that will help him build computers that can think like humans. These cleverer computer chips would be able to solve a lot of computing problems.

Agabi who was born and raised in Lagos has a group of lab mates who are busy working hard to connect silicon to biological systems. “Koniku eventually aims to build a device that is capable of thinking in the biological sense, like a human being. We think we can do this in the next two to five years,” he said.

Like all major projects, the genius has invested a lot of funds into the project. It is quite incredible and commendable that a work of that magnitude is being handled by a Nigerian. Koniku is the only company in the whole world that is developing chips with biological neurons.

Agabi does not want to develop a chip that would mimic the brain alone, he wants to turn the invention around by borrowing the actual material of the brain to create the chips.

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