This Is Why Your Mobile Data Finish So Fast Lately

Have you realized that the normal 1GB you normally use for one month does not last up to a week? You may be blaming the network providers but it may not be their fault.

Go to settings on your phone, tap on network settings and tap on data usage, scroll down you will see the apps that consume your data.
What consumes Mr. A’s data is not what consumes Mr.B’s data. The major things that consume data so much are phone Applications like YouTube, Instagram, Tethering /hotspot, whatsapp and Facebook/messenger app.

Have you done the assignment above to see what actually takes your data.


If you love going to youtube or any Online streaming be ready to spend on data.


Instagram have things that can keep you busy when you are bored but it is a big data consumer as you see pictures and watch videos. My little advice. You can be going there once a day instead of going there every hour.

Tethering and hotspot:

There are things you will need to do on laptop and you will need to tether from your phone to your laptop. It consumes lots of data as your laptop is seeing it as a Wifi and begin all manner of updates especially if you are using Windows 10.

Another issue is when you share data to your family and friends. Most smart mobile phones are configured in such a way that when it detects a Wifi network, all apps begin to update automatically from play store so imagine when the person you are sharing data with have 25 apps that are not updated, your data will just finish. You can also disable updates on laptop when using hotspot.


WhatsApp also consumes data. Disable auto download of pictures and videos that are sent to you. All the videos and pictures sent to all the groups you belong to download automatically and it does not just take your data but it slows down your phone so disable auto download. WhatsApp now have photo and video status updates which also consume your data as you upload and view other peoples status.

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