MTN Nigeria introduces hourly internet Subscription plans Simple Surf

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  1. Aniri Innocent Chukwu-ebuka says:

    Mtn services is superb. I blame my country Nigeria that cannot even generate electricity for optimal working of the GSM providers in the country. No security, infact course be to our leaders in hgher authority..

  2. Saint says:

    I was thinking of doing the 90 days subscription, But feel discouraged now as none of the comments are encouraging….MTN you loss Again.

  3. adeola says:

    d idea of expire date for hour plan is nt gud enough PLS see to it

  4. Justice o. says:

    MTN want to do like starcomm.

  5. Ifeanyi says:

    I purchased this as soon as I learnt about it but to my greatest disappointment, my download speed hit rock bottom after about 100MB of download. I was utterly pissed and saddened. Why would they cap you for a service you paid for without letting you know the limits? Such idiotic business strategy.

  6. Snoop says:

    I tire for mtn oooo

  7. kam says:

    What d hell is mtn still doing here, i regreted using it and thats y the still charge higher that any network in naija. One day they will pack and leave. I advice nigerians to patronize their products more and more.

  8. Breeze says:

    All dis coment is discouraging ooh mtn nawaahoh

  9. Dunno! says:

    I call them d 3 (or r they 4 now?) necessary evils. However u c it, mtn’s d least of d evils!

  10. jide says:

    Na lie joor, mtn is gud fraudulent acts, they reciv money for service nt rendered…subscribing for d 100hrs is d greatest mistake I made dis month, I really regret it…very sluggish network

  11. Jide says:

    Mtn shud b sent packing out of Nigeria, I subscribed for d 100hr, its already more than 10times av bn complaining to d customer care dat d speed is too slow,making d 100 hrs useless ,i didnt know its d norm every one is experiencing…glo is d best, ever sincere, mtn is 419

  12. onanyante says:

    people should not believe mtn in one bit. plz dump it.all mtn activities are fraudulent. nigerian govt should chase them

  13. freeminah says:

    Dis is nonsense,its better 4 mi to pay my blackberry subscription for 1year,idiots

  14. Kenneth K. says:

    My fellow MTN User, MTN is not fraudining anybody but de problem is dat we fail to go tru de proper channel of activating our plans sometimes i’v bin using MTN for long and such things i haven’t experienced b4 unless i make errors or temper wit my fastlink set-up. To me, MTN is de best and will always be de best. Tanks

  15. Kaloma says:

    I am not a bad guy

  16. I 4ONE says:

    I don’t blm any1 including mtn company bt our lidas dt conet wt d company 2 cheat nigs afta stolen billions 4rm our acct

  17. Floxie says: realy disapointd in ur network..u guys only want d profit and nt d satisfacti0n of ur cust0mers..i blive u cn do betr

  18. Peter says:

    I think mtn shld upgrade their net wrk nd wit much tarrif or chrges

  19. chord chibzy says:

    Just reading through all of dis,I’m discouraged 4rm usin dis hourly plan

  20. Feliciaino says:

    Mtn is d worst network dt charge u 4 svs nt rendered. Its now l know what they are really god @, racism 4 south Africa

  21. faruk says:

    mtn is nt ur fault, is ours fault for usein mtn. Bt wt worries me is d cheating u guys re doin, i spend 1000 on u prom dat sy, send yes or win to 1010

  22. kenultimate says:

    i hv always known glo 2 b d only network dat hv nigerians at hr@.God help us frm d hands of dis foriegners

  23. caleb says:

    That means MTN are arm rubbers looking for income where no one enjoys the services they offer?

  24. Luka says:

    I really dont blame mtn. I blame our government for allowing such dubious companies to come in and defraud their fellow citizens. God will fight for us. Mtn’s days are numbered

  25. despyice says:

    Did any of Ў☺ΰ use modem? That’s on 3g connection?

  26. moskai says:

    This Mtn hourly plan nonesense. i just wasted my money on it. the cap to this i guess is 100mb. once u reach 100 mb u get a snail pace browsing. Abeg don’t try this.

  27. the truth says:

    if u have some money u wanna waste…just subscribe to this mtn bullshit plan …..there is heavy fair usage on it…once u clock 100mb ur internet speed will become miserably slow….just waiting for a reliable network to start their own time browsing…..empty is an empty crap

    1. demazju says:

      yeah,thats so true….I experienced it myself…after hundred Mb,you can kiss d speed goodbye…ur maximum speed will be around 13KBPS which is rubbish…

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