Nigeria’s Five Richest Pastors and how They Made Their Wealth

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  1. Vinc says:

    Na church of satan i dey fnd to join wen cary enter here,wat about u?wetin waka cme find here,no b d same money wahala? Y u go dey find d richest person?mak una Beta find way go do una own johr,or cover uq ear an eyes wit iron pant …na me ooo if u no anyway call me johr buh mak ma papa an mama save oo

  2. Hebergeur says:

    how lonnnng will you jobless guys keep talking bout some pastor’s wealth and start making your own? if you claim to know so much about how they made it, why not simply copy them and make yours. Dangotte is the 43rd richest man in the world today but has that helped you in any way, simply face your life and make your doe instead of talking about them why don’t you let others talk about you! church or no church, am getting this money repete

  3. Johnson says:

    Try to google search the richest people in history. Who are even richer than Bill Gate. Brothers, we don’t need to argue on this matter. Let us be praying that God should remember us for good , and be hardworking on whatever we find our hands doing. Don’t judge anybody. Put it in your daily prayer that whenever you need money you should not sweat before you get.
    Do you know that the richest people of nowadays are not richer than those in the ancient time. At least they are not controlling our country’s resources. Of which we have had some people that controlled the whole resources in there country like Mansa Musa of mali whose wealth cannot be estimated. I’ve read about someone who had acres of lands. He didn’t build house, and worldly things. Which before he died had being dashing people things.

  4. Richard Billy says:

    Judge not

  5. sis blessing says:

    what will it profit the fake pastors to gain the whole world and loss their souls they should remember empty we come empty go every body will give account of his or her life i am happy BIG GOD /OUR LORD were not respecters of pastors /whoever

    1. Emeka says:

      It’s a pity that most of us doesn’t know God’s word. Hence, it is easy for many of us to criticize pastors/men of God.
      Who are you to judge? Who are you to judge? Judgement belongs to God. You better ask God for mercy because the scripture says: ” judge not that ye will not be judged”
      Be careful!!!!

  6. ajayi says:

    Judge not, in other that you shall not be judge

  7. Olumide says:

    Before you conclude your negative ideas about Pastors what about other religious leaders?aren’t they Nigerians? don’t we have those who stupendously rich overnight? why Pastor!Pastors! Pastors all the time? Why is Christianity under heavy attacks in Nigeria? what about Imams,alfas,alhajis/alhajas, sheiks,,awo shrine heads,ogbonis,babalawos,cultists clan heads,jehova witnesses, Rosicrucian, eckankerians, sectarians,ogun/ sango/ osun/ amadioha worshipers etc to mention a few?
    let me ask you all…HOW DID THEY GET THEIR WEALTH? Many commentators here falls in dark religions. that y you talk with thoughts. Christianity is a religion life and light.We serve a living GOD! all other gods na so so yeye….Continue the gossip about the church. After all you are still killing us in north.yet u pple are not done.GOD -THE ELSHADDAI will disgrace ALL at the ‘RED SEA’..It will happen again.Nobody envies a mad man! (African universally accepted adage) Olumide,V/I,Lagos

  8. Adewale seun says:

    omo na waoo why will ppl just be commenting on the men of God like this expecially pastor oyedepo?

    1. richard says:

      mr ade, pls what makes oyedepo a man of God? who made him a man of god, when was he called by god, what is his message. any man sent by God, must come with a messeage, you cannot come only to repeat what other prophets have done and stop there, it means you do not have a message. he sent himself, his god is his belle that is y, they are more concerned about wealth how to make money and not the souls of the people that throng their church, infact eternal life is not their target, but the peoples money beware!

      1. idris paul says:

        peoples should becareful about men of God becos de scripture said allow me to judge my sarvents

      2. TC says:

        The bible said; its difficult for a rich man to see the kingdom of God bt to my surprise, these pastors always teach about prosperity. 2Corrinthians 11:13 referred them to be ministers of the devil who just transform themselves to be the ministers of light as what their father (satan) did

  9. Omotosho Omolaja Emmanuel says:

    Ignorance has made people to lack focus, but if the person you are deceiving did not know that you are deceiving him/her, you that is deceiving the person knows quiet alright that you are deceiving the people. but as it has been stated earlier that judgment is of God alone, let’s leave everything to God to decide, but frankly speaking, it is a shame on Some Nigerian Christian leader to amass wealth unto themselves, while thousands of their congregation are dying in abject poverty and lack. In biblical history, leaders surrenders and sacrifice all to their followers, even during the days of Jesus Christ our Lord on earth, but presently, most of this so called leaders exploit their people in the name of giving to God for them to receive. but i strongly believe that God knows his people and his people truly knows him. Once again it is the way and manner of this so called religious leaders that government officers are taking path with. but God will forgive them and never forget us. Amen

  10. Dayo says:

    Pastors help ur nabor as ur self, i know dt u pple are trying b4 but pls try mon. Me to i wan’t to rech like perstors pray 4 me pastors. Tanks

  11. Dayo says:

    Pastors help ur nabor as ur self, i know dt u pple are trying b4 but pls try mon. Tanks

  12. Remember the bible says. GOD has given us all things to enjoy? So why are you guys comdeming men of God? Pls leav judgment for God for he is the one to judge them. Remember God said in his world that” if ye are willings and obedient that ye shal eat the fruit of the land? What do you fink he is talking about? All the great men in the bible which of them was poor?

    1. Michael says:

      Elijah, Isaiah, amos, Habakkuk, Paul… See they are countless….please read Matthew 6 vs 19

  13. Eric says:

    Shame on you as a Christian if you resent any Pastor because they are making progress or because they never gave you attention. You are called to be a blessing to your world and not to seek help behind evry door! I’m a giver and not the one in need and destitution! I dont hold others responsible 4 my challenges. I face them head on and conquer them!

  14. stanly says:

    pls, frnds let leave all dis men of God alone. dat in d bible God makes us to understand dat we should not judge anybody. let God judge alone.

  15. williams says:

    am nt interested in side tlk oyedepo remain my spiritual father.

  16. Peter okafor says:

    Hmm dear peple of God, lets leave evrytin to our father in heven he has d final say. My happiness is we can nt cheat our God. He knows his peple, lets nt judge bcoz judgement belongs to him. l love u all.

  17. Matheus Matheus says:

    Than they need to help us poor people…we dn’t even have the beginning becouse No money…

  18. frank says:

    I dont blame A̶̲̥̅L̶̲̅L̶̲̅ ☺f U̶̲̥̅̊ who are judging pastors okay U̶̲̥̅̊ want dem τ̅☺ advertise the people dat dey are helping b4 U̶̲̥̅̊ ₪☺ dat dey are helping people,leave dis pastors alone y are U̶̲̥̅̊ curious hw dey make their money dont U̶̲̥̅̊ people have brains make ur own.people ☺f dis world U̶̲̥̅̊ are poor nd dey say a true man ☺f God Ȋ̝̊̅§ nt meant τ̅☺ be poor den be rich nd dey say a true man ☺f God isn’t meant τ̅☺ have dis kind ☺f money cant U̶̲̥̅̊ people stay ☺U̶̲̥̅̊†̥ ☺f their business

  19. Mphephu ambani says:


  20. Iphyjo says:

    Thou shall not juldge pls live the juldgement for GOD cos he says ‘ I KNOW MY PEOPLE AND MY PEOPLE KNOW ME ‘. Who are you as a human being to juldge ask yourself these question ‘ Are you SAINT ‘?.

  21. Oletu prince says:

    Wel 4 me i don’t ve much 2 say,let the pastors help the poor pls,in GOD we trust

  22. Blessing says:

    Brethren,lets leave dis for God to judge ok,on ur own part do wat is right

  23. jeremiah Boma says:

    from the look of things,pastors ar not far.different from politicians.in fact there’s is even worse as they ar al involved in taking our hard earned money n doing nothing 4 us

  24. joseph adesiyan says:

    it is just impossible for people to ignore how things are gone very wrong in today churches but it is also a warning to all of us that we need to be prayful because the end is here

  25. apostlefred says:

    this is a quit notice to me from google flyers. i don’t do much to believe a speculated lie by the so called church of satan membership.

  26. Daniel Henry says:

    why wont you guys mind ur bussiness nd stop counting the success of wise individual, i guess u guys re human with brain, why cnt u mak ur money

  27. Bankole samson says:

    Pls 4 GOD’s sake do not judge any pastor again whether what they are doing is right or wrong,why not lets leave judgement 4 GOD afteral the bible warns us not to judge 4 us not 2 be judge,luv u all.

  28. bozzom says:

    On the last day many will say lord in your name we cast out devils,and did many miracles but I will say unto them leave my sight you workers of iniquity.the bible didn’t disagree that even you won’t be deceived but it hurts to see that you don’t even read the scriptures anymore you only read your pastors.if the blind lead the blind…

  29. ro uk says:

    How sad that Nigerians move from one slavery to another. Do you not know that it is easier for the camel to go through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God? Do you not think what that means? Have you not been taught that? You should read your bible’s yourself and not be lazy, waiting to be spoon fed. Do you not know that Love of money is the root of all evil? Do you not know that Jesus this not stockpile riches but focused on the Kingdom which is yet to come to solve mankind’s problems? Do you not know that the apostles preached the good news of God’s kingdom, referring to the new world as the ‘real life’? Why do you keep amassing wealth in a sinking ship? It will all end soon and your riches will not save you. And those supporting these self proclaimed men of god must have aspirations for riches themselves so I can’t blame you. Just know that what you’re defending has nothing to do with righteousness or word of God and will not lead to your salvation. Not my words. Read your bible and become selfless rather than selfish. Don’t forget that Satan has blinded the minds of many so that the illumination of the word will not penetrate their minds. SAd, sad, sad world we live in. But there is hope for those making effort to follow the word and living with real soundness of mind.

    1. Neyoki says:

      You wrote so piously as though grounded in the word; your conclusion gave me concern. Does God condemn prosperity? Are princes meant to walk on the ground? What is the covenant of Abraham for? When God said:” you will lend to nations”, was God joking? Are you speaking God’s mind by condemning Oyedepo & others? What is message of salvation, does it preclude prosperity?
      Read the scriptures, get understanding. You will never achieve your full potentials in Christ Jesus if you don’t know or have the faith for it. I refuse to be mere. I can’t be a mere son of a very Great God!

  30. otis bushiri says:

    You people show me how immature and carnal you are. How can you dispute over issues which are so clear in the Bible? Religion blinds people. You oppose what you don’t understand. How do understand Christianity? Who is a Christian? A poor, miserable beggary fellow? Then where do we place Deut 8:18? Accept it or not, God has plans to prosper each and everyone of His children. Die poor if you want. Was Abraham the father of faith poor? May be you are not the seed of Abraham. What about Jacob, Job, Solomon? The problem with you is that you have allowed these unprofessional researchers to miss inform you about most of these MOG. You wanted them to advertise how many people they are helping? I am a man of God and I am paying school fees for MANY students. Do you think people know that? Don’t you know many MOG write very important books which have changed many lives in the world? If people access these books do you see satan in that? Your suggestions and lack of understanding on this subject will not stop God’s blessings on men of God and all Christians who know their place in Christ. Next time there is a subject like this one write sence. Both the article writer and commentators. If you want to oppose this go ahead but check the genuineness of you conscience. I love you all

  31. Andrew says:

    Jesus, for the sake of your sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Mary, queen of heaven and earth, please touch the sacred heart of Jesus for us, Amen.

    1. Michael says:

      Mary Queen of heaven? Where in the bible is that?

  32. oluwayomi26 says:

    God alone knows is poeple and those serving Him sincerely. pls, dont judge any pastor so that you will not be judged.

  33. Chimdi says:

    As for me i like TB joshua, because he helps the poor remeber God says give

  34. Olabisi awolusi says:

    Brothers and sisters,let us leave judgement or condemnation of pastors to god almighty.let us concentrate on heavenly issues.remain blessed in Jesus name

  35. Abu says:

    The bible said;jesus christ told one of the scribe as at then that:go and sell all your property,give the proceeds to the poor and you follow,thats what you need to do to have a complete faith.Secondly,jesus still said in the bible that for “a rich man to enter the kingdom of God,it will take the camel to pass the eye of a needle”.i mean do these pastors or their congregation still read these verses or is no longer relevant to them in this modernity? Or do they now better than jesus?

  36. It is very funny to see the wealth and personality displayed by men of GOD. Their extravagance is disheartening.

    Their excuse will be that David, Solomon and the likes were rich and that their GOD is never a poor GOD.

  37. festus says:

    The God we serve is a very rich God.so you should expect his workers to be rich[spiritually,financially materially e.t.c]

  38. Kingsley says:

    Apart 4rm T.B joshua y can,t other pastors help pple

  39. ibrahim rabiu says:

    am not satisfied with their souce of weath

  40. oluwafemy femxy says:

    Why did they leave pastor e.A adeboye behind? Jst bcos he is nt pompous cos he hv it.

  41. I am not against a man of GOD been rich.but we should conseder in the bible Elija served & worked 4 God in true and spirit not mading the things of the world.how can a man of God been a pastor went and contest election and faill saying dat God instrulted him 2 contest.PLS friends can God tell you to go for what you will lose.pls let be wise. Be havenly concious and earth useful.

  42. frank iyedum kagbara says:

    i too luv oyedepo coz he is a man of proactiv

    1. prince zuby says:

      oyedepo will for ever remain the prophect of my generation, gossipers go to heal nd b urn to ashes.

      visit winners chapel nd see what God his using his servant to do. I am a living witness.

  43. gp says:

    all of u are talking rubbish. Stop judging Gods servants…..enough!

    1. Paul says:

      We are merely presenting facts. Nobody is judging anybody

      1. ramsey says:

        i must tell u dat u r dead wrong wit ur facts cos they r mere speculation which u dnt hv d actual figures of d their wealth or the no of the congregation n i can prove u wrong. Always do ur research properly to support watever u call it (facts),

  44. Will says:

    Liers! liers!! Liers!!! Thank the church is taking over8-)

  45. Igboeli ken azuka says:

    Church is now a business, my own church is coming very soon, (DE ROCK OF ADGE’S KINGDOM & MIRACLE CENTRE)

  46. Charles Etym Benjamin says:

    There is nothing for men and women of God to be wealthy, but my cncer and questions are:
    (1) How do they make their wealth, is by deceiving the innocent and harmless members in the name of preaching the gosple?
    (2)If the source is genuine, how do they affect the poor with their wealth?
    Wealth is just like manure or fertilizer if you dont spread it on your crops it become useless hoarding them.
    No matter how much billions of Dollars or any currency they may have in their account it does them no good if they dont spread afterall they will not take a kobo to heaven if atall they make heaven

  47. Alex alieja says:

    Well it’s pretty obvious that God’s kingdom is taking over. And very soon the riches t man in the world is going to be from the church

  48. Stag says:

    Articles like this are usually filled with lies galore. How can anyone come out to claim that Bishop Oyedepo’s books “are all about prosperity and little or nothing more”?

    Obviously the writer has never read een one of the Bishop’s more than 100 titles (of which ONLY THREE are about prosperity), neither has he read the weekly bulletins that are released every Sunday, paid for by member for free distribution to the public?

    Or perhaps the article writer does not know of community secondary schools which are built and run by Winners branches to accommodate the poor and needy children, fully paid for by the church with no financial commitment from the children who attend whatsoever? Books, classrooms and uniforms are all paid for by the church.

    Or do we talk about the visitations that are done to widows and orphans? There is no month where WInners Chapel does not give out truckloads of food, clothing and other materials to the destitute of society. That the church refuses to broadcast this in the media as commanded by Jesus Christ who said that giving must be done secretly so that God who is the One who blesses will be honoured and not the church or the man of God, should not be misinterpreted otherwise.

    I find it hard to understand why Forbes should be associated with such deceptive reporting where facts are deliberately misrepresented to paint these pastors as people who are stealing money from the flock.

    In America, every single pastor who stole from the flock has been exposed. The list is endless; Jim Bakker, Robert Schuller, etc. Let Forbes point to one of these aforementioned pastors who has done it. Winners has operated for 31 years. From a modest beginning in Kaduna to where the church is now.

    I think Forbes should focus on the American morally bankrupt clergy who are now sanctioning abortion and gay marriage (when the bible clearly condemns such practice and clearly stated that gays can NEVER get to heaven because the practice of homosexuality is a sin before God). What are the American priests preaching? Which bible are they using?

    The intent of Forbes is very clear. It is part of the neo-colonialist mentality which paints Africa as a dark continent where nothing good happens. It hurts them to see African men of God who have unlocked Divine principles to work for them. It hurts them that where American home owners cannot pay for houses, a church here can build a 50,000 seater auditorium from internally generated revenue. in a space of one year. It hurts them that Africa is now the next big thing. Nigerian pastors are heading the largest churches in London, in Ukraine (Sunday Adelaja) and other places.

    It is time our own people support what our men of God are trying to do, which is to remove the wool that these Forbes neo-colonialists are trying to pull over our eyes. We are great and we can be greater, and no negative articles which propagate falsehood from Forbes or the Oprah Winfrey Show or CBS’s 60 Minutes will stop us. NEVER!

    1. hobnobb says:

      stag,u are a man of real value,God bless u. All these idiots cant they mind their own bisness?if u say our pastors are estourting us are we complaining 2u? Can all ur useless scientific works for years make a woman with womb to give birth to tripplet?or a 70yrs old woman given birth to twins?can our overzealous scientic do that??? Whatever thing u represent,Shut up!! U are worse than us(nigerian).my 2gr8est Fathers of Faith. Daddy E.A ADEBOYE, BISHOPE DAVID OYEDEPO,9ija 4life!

  49. Rick Ross says:

    I am not against a man of God being rich, I am just against the way they just tell us series of LIES just to get alot of money from us, and yet they dont care about the poor members of their congregation.

    I used to worship with one of these so called mega churches before, but when i needed help they were not there for me. Back then I so much wanted to personally speak with my pastor but I was too small to have his phone number, only presidents, governors, rich politicians etc are allowed to have access to him because he is a God. Anyways i quit and found myself a small church in Port Harcourt where i worship when am in the country, when i travel i worship anywhere, sometimes in Catholic church etc depending on where I am and what is closest to me.

    Right now my pastor is my family friend, I call him anytime i need to speak with him, he prays for me and my family, he simply cares abut me and this is exactly what i wanted from my former church/pastor. I want my pastor to be my best friend and confidant. As a pastor you are not only supposed to collect my tithe and tell me God said this and that when in real sense most of these people dont hear from God, they just use peoples mentality,

    The only Great man of God I seem to admire soo much is TB Joshua even though I dont worship there. Most times I watch their Sunday broadcast live on TV. The other so called SAINT men of God in Nigeria talk rubbish about TV Joshua, He is actually the one doing what others cannot do. TB Joshua is feeding and clothing hundreds of widows/widowers. His scholarship program and football academy is open to everyone, both Muslims and Christians. He helps poor members of the public more than any other pastor in Nigeria. The other men of God claim TB Joshua is using Satans power, my brothers how do we know whose powers is real and fake when all of these pastors uses Gods name to perform miracles???

    For the records Christ embassy members are more than half a million. The 40,000 this site mentioned is it just the members in one single branch in Lagos or Christ embassy members in all over the world? What is a pastor doing with 4 private jets when millions of their church members are poor and needy? Also, how come after paying tithes these church universities are among the most expensive in Nigeria? How come these mega churches are not building free schools and hospitals all over the Nigeria???
    In my opinion these listed pastors are like 70 times richer than we think/assume, just imagine how many millions of dollars a church like winners or Redeem generate every single day from offering, tithes, books etc. Like is said before, there is nothing wrong in a pastor being rich, but they MUST help poor members of the public, There is this report that pastor Chris has 40 brand new jeeps or so, what is a man of God doing with all these cars? Is he a car dealer? Why cant he give some of these cars out? I dont know which pastor is good or bad, and am not gonna judge anyone. But my happiness is that God is coming soon to end these evil way of things.

    1. Paul says:

      Well said, bro. Commercial religion is in vogue. Lucky you got a pastor who really understands what pastoring a church is all about. Thanks for coming around here.

      1. richard says:

        the truth about all the churches today is dat, they are not serving anybody but themselves their families, it is nothing but a bizness center, the owner is not God but the initiator of the church – idahosa for instance- you dat is a member is only a factory worker working for the family of the owner, is dat what christ preached. no man of God stays in the temple waiting for people to come and give him money, in the new testament, they used their hands to work – paul was a tent maker, Jesus was a capenter, Peter was a fisherman, Luke was a doctor – where will i start or stop all the so called men of God are out to do business and that they are doing. check their history, it is either from a lecturer to church opening or musician to dat, because money has become their god, they do all sort of things to get it using tithe which is part of the old way of doing things. if you must give tithe are you an isrealite if yes is your pastor a levite, if yes where is the temple, the alter, the outer court, inner court and the holy of holies, the priest that are officiating their.

        Dont allow false christ to decieve you. for more visit http://www.brideofchristministryworldwide.com

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