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Nyanya and Kuje Bombings: Is Nigeria Ready to Fight this Evil or is it Politics as Usual?

The Islamist group Boko Haram does know how to give a birthday present if that is what we should call it, as a mere 24 hours after Nigeria marked her 55 years of Independence, the evil that has been confronting us for six years now reared its ugly head once again in Nyanya and Kuje.

We got the usual tirade of scorn on social media, asking the government to do something. While this is good, haven’t we been here before? The usual division incidents like this brews up was also there for all to see as some Nigerians still treat these mindless and callous atrocities perpetuated by the faceless terrorist organization- Boko Haram as political issue (APC/PDP), not surprising considering news of the arrest of the former Petroleum Minister under the last PDP-led government Deziani Maduekwe was spreading like wild fire; Therein lies the issue, the Abuja bombings is gaining more traction because it happened in the capital city, a similar incident happened in Borno- the hotbed of Boko Haram- a day before but did not garner much views because most) people seem to have forgotten the north-west is still a sizeable part of our 55-year old nation.

I visited Abuja in August, while I enjoyed the serenity it offers there was still the unshakeable sense of insecurity I could feel even with the amount of security posts you run into. This is one of the issues Nigeria is facing; dealing with terrorists is less of having a big army but more of having a standard and effective intelligence gathering network which our country sadly lacks.

We need to revamp our security process, profile people with criminal pasts (and those most vulnerable to indoctrination), increase awareness on community policing that will build trust between locals and the Police which can aid information dissemination as regards criminal/suspicious activities.

The current government led by President Muhammadu Buhari came into power on the wave of ‘Change’ they promised, yours truly can testify to the fact I have enjoyed some of the benefits of the said change promised in the Power and Petroleum sector but fact remains the government has the highest authority over violence in a land due to the resources at its disposal and should be able to check the activities of Boko Haram operating in a section of the country.

Also a major function of government is to protect and secure the lives of the people its governing, I hope this is a wakeup call for the current administration, treating the insecurity problem of the country with levity was one of the reasons the last government was ousted during the last elections, though we still have three years to the next elections President Buhari would do himself and Nigerians at large a whole world of good if he sits up and fights this evil squarely.

Boko Haram are unfortunately not playing politics with the lives of my fellow citizens, they stated their intentions long ago and till Nigerians and the government we elected start fighting like it matters we won’t leave this mess we find ourselves in.

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