One Daily Productivity Tip You Can Use Today

Being productive isn’t many things. It isn’t working on your job all day long. It isn’t taking home work and shutting yourself away in the study. These actions instead put our life relationships in jeopardy. Productivity is getting the most things done  in lesser time which will probably leave you time to enjoy the lighter side of life and build relationships.

Amongst all the talk I’ve heard and read about productivity it boils down to one single thing which makes sense to me (maybe not to you but felt all the same to share it). I summarise it thus;  Make a daily plan, Start right away from the first activity, Stop when you are supposed to.

We mustn’t all do everything in a day but if we can in the night before or early hours of each day have a semi-accurate plan of the duties facing us for the day and get about working through the plan one after the other we would at least end the day more fulfilled for having achieved more.

I am always (unapologetic) a keep-it-smart and simple type. Why cluster your time and in the name of trying to be more productive take hours going through so-called productivity tips ( I even once saw a list of fifty ways to be more productive). If we spent our time learning those fifty productivity tips we’ll definitely end up having no productivity to boast of.

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