Opinion: Trending Biafra Igbo, Principles of Self-Determination and Realization

Trending Biafra: From arrest of the self acclaimed IPOB leader, outrageous bail terms to peaceful demonstrations.

Cross-examining, The difference between 2015 Emancipation and 1967 Declaration is its peaceful nature and also the need to score some points without violence. We all either experienced, read or watched the outcome of 1967 declaration. The 1967 Igbo man was an illiterate and the 2015 Igbo man is an Academy on its own. The Igbo nation has so evolved that one man can not hold it at ransom or declare some Republic plunging us into war again.

Do you know that the principle of self-determination was a catalyst of decolonization? That is, getting rid of foreign presence and control.

Digressing a bit, Quickly read through these provisions of the UN Charter on Self-Determination.

Article 1, paragraph 2
[The Purposes of the United Nations are:] To develop friendly relations among nations based on
respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination
of peoples, and to take other appropriate
measures to strengthen universal peace

Article 2 (7)
United Nations has no authority to intervene in matters
which are within the domestic jurisdiction of any State,
while this principle shall not prejudice the application of enforcement
measures under Chapter VII of the Charter.

Focal point is self-determinations are peaceful, if there are vicissitudes of violence, it is no longer in the interest of the ‘People’.

Striking observations are that the principle does not state how the decision is to be made, or what the outcome should be, whether it be independence, federation, protection, some form of autonomy or full assimilation, emancipation. Neither does it state what the delimitation between nations should be—or what constitutes a nation. In fact, there are conflicting definitions and legal criteria for determining which groups may legitimately claim the right to self-determination.

More so, Some theorists and definition like Remedial Rights Only Theory say where a group has a general right to secede if and only if it has suffered certain injustices, for which secession is the appropriate remedy of last resort.

Other theorists say, In cases where people lack representation by a state’s government, they also may be considered a separate people, but under current law cannot claim the right to self-determination.

These conservative views rather prescribed a model of governing if there be any little representation of people. They say, In order to accommodate demands for minority rights, avoid secession and the creation of a separate new state, many states decentralize or devolve greater decision-making power to new or existing sub-units or autonomous areas.

In practical terms, the ‘Peoples’ will’ which is only known through a referendum is a major step in self-determination. So far, the opinions that trend are those of young vibrant men of social media who have never experienced a war situation. Trips should be taken to rural areas, villages, opinions of these experienced few still alive should be sampled.

The unborn country or there was a country Biafra as expounded by some writers can not be achieved by mere road treks, shutting down businesses, blocking major roads, propaganda, twitter trends and updates. These actions can only end up getting Nnamdi Kanu released. From peaceful demonstrations to what if these treks do not yield desired results?

Characteristics of a state upholds HETEROGENEITY. Having diverse ethnic groups is not alien in the composition of a state. People will feel marginalized because every tribe can not be at the helm all at once. Is Biafra a state? Does it qualify? Igbos seem to be the only ones fingered. If so, then a carmel can pass through the eye of a needle comfortably than for the actualization of sovereign state of Biafra.

Instead of emancipation, I onservatively suggest a remodeling of our system of government and politics. A confederal set up will answer many deprivation questions. Strong regions and a weak centre. Powers should be decentralised and unconcentrated on the centre. In other words, proposing a regional system of government that would be more accomodating.

Foul criers, wailing wailers association will disband and everyone will be satified. Perhaps tackle regional issues which has so far been ignored. Biafra is the least of Nigeria’s problem, Kindly check around.

Please go off the streets young people, go home, restrategize, acknowledge contingencies and be on the right course. I am sure you all wouldn’t like to have a UN peace keeping camp at your back yards.

Contrary view, kindly use the comment box.

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