Planning to Win in Business: Planning Till Eternity

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Many people hide their inability to start something ambitious such as a new business the farce of planning. Several years down the line after saying they would start something you ask them “How come you are yet to start ” they say they are still planning. They plan and plan but still dodge from actually getting started. I once met a young man in my second year in the university. He claimed to be a contractor and a printer. We got talking and I told him of my idea to get in touch with book importers who would supply me motivational, business books to open a modern bookstore in my campus. I saw the opportunity for that kind of business in the university campus and thought he could be a veritable partner as he said he had a business associate who imports books. He proceeded to take me through series of planning.

As he said, we had to get every details right. We had to survey this, survey that and make sure the environment was right. Three months later we were still planning to set up a simple bookshop. Each time we met to talk business he would commence boring lectures on his business experience and his versatility and stress that it was important to make sure the planning was right.

Needless to say I got out instead of continuing to waste my time. Planning till eternity wouldn’t put money in my pocket

Planning for a new venture is very important though. You have to look at every possible aspect and tie all loose ends but when that young man took me through 3 months of planning for the small campus bookshop I wanted to open I knew he was one of those who preferred talking about what will be done than actually getting to do that thing which should be done. He would sometimes tell me of his plans to open a shoe and accessories store in my university but try as I would to get him to begin but he preferred going on and on with elaborate plans. He always carried a bag he claimed contained contract proposals and project documents of projects he was putting together for schools, government agencies and the rest.

In him I saw a talker and not a doer. He was a fan of Rich Dad, Poor Dad but he wasn’t ready to apply the lessons. He shied away from getting down to work.

If you plan to take care of every detail before setting out then you are certainly not setting out anywhere. All those who have started something and taken it to the next level whether it is a novel, football career, business etc started without waiting to make sure everything was alright. You would grow grey hairs and everything still won’t be perfect to start. Do the planning you can and if your mind tells you that the difficulties you’ve noticed cannot stop you, go ahead.

Some tenacious people have even started big dream in the face of overwhelming problems and come out victorious. By all means plan, identify stumbling blocks, make projections, forecast, analyze conditions and situations but don’t for God’s sake sleep there. I hope I am sending a message across to somebody with an idea but yet to start because of procrastination, Get to work!

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