Prince Osisioma Foundation & the Kutara Tataradna IDP Camp in Nassarawa: Are NGOs Enough to Tackle The Fallout of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria?

That the government of the day is failing in its task of ensuring that the people of Northern Nigeria affected by the Boko Haram security challenge and displaced from their homes are take care of is to state the obvious.

Where the government has failed the non-governmental organisations are stepping in to fill the gap. One of them is Prince Osisioma Foundation, founded not too long ago by philanthropist and businessman Prince Onyeka Eze (Osisioma gburugburu) who hails from Dunukofia Local Government in Anambra State.

Prince Osisioma Foundation, which before now from our investigations, has mainly focused on education and empowerment of children educationally zoomed in on the challenge of Internally displaced persons in Northern Nigeria. This informed their first intervention/visit which was to the Kutara Tataradna IDP Camp in Nassarawa State.

The IDP camp in Masaka houses over 500 people and is an hour drive off the major express way in Nasarawa state. From all indications according to the coordinator of the Prince Osisioma Foundation, the camp lacked a lot of essential utilities and appeared neglected.

Prince Osisioma Foundation partnered with a few other well meaning organisations and individuals including Ubbaharris Charity Reachout, Wazobia Maxtv, Nigeria Info Fm, Wazobia fm, University of Abuja Law clinic, World united youths against terrorism, Cool fm abuja, to give various items to the members of the camp which include; bags of rice, clothes, tissue papers, beds, first aid kits and school bags for the kids.

Sadly some of the above items should have in the first place been provided by the government as essential as they were!

While we commend the activities of organisations like Prince Osisioma Foundation we know this can never substitute for the government (federal and state) doing their job.

The challenges posed by the Boko Haram disaster in Northern Nigeria is one the government should take more seriously.

In the coming months we will be releasing some investigation pieces on what has been spent on IDPs in Northern Nigeria and organisations who are doing the most in giving these people affected by the Boko Haram menace a chance to live.

It’s time we brought the search light on all culpable for the pitiable conditions in the various IDP camps and at the same time showcase those wonderful organisations and individuals working to make positive impact for those living at these camps.

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