A woman takes Nigerian Naira from a bank's automated teller machine (ATM) in Ikeja district in the commercial capital Lagos November 12, 2014. Nigeria's naira currency weakened slightly on the interbank market on Tuesday due to strong demand for dollars from foreign investors. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye (NIGERIA - Tags: BUSINESS) - RTR4DUX1

See The Kinds Of People You Must Meet At The ATM

Go anywhere in Nigeria, there are some people you meet at the ATM that fits those on this list.
Here is a list of the people you find at the ATM

1. The Smart ones- this ones are here to withdraw and just leave. They know how it’s been operated, they really don’t spend much time using the machine.

2. The ”oversabis’ ‘ – they are in 2 categories. A. The ones that are good with the system, they know how to use it and explain to everyone why there is no service, why it is showing issuers issue and so on. B. The ones that actually don’t know jack about the machine, they just join the queue, waste time and pride wouldn’t allow them ask anyone. You begin to think they are here to browse.

3. The thieves, fast eyes– All these guys come to the ATM to sneak at all the transactions you are doing, they claim to be nice and want to help you use the atm. Some of them come armed to the spot, just to rob people.

4. The beggars (oga help me pls)– these set of guys are annoying. They join the queue and end up begging for money. You begin to hear things like ”nothing is too small, pls help me, atm swallowed my card, i have no transport back home, the money i was expecting the enter my account. lol

5. The hawkers– They are always in 80/90% of most atm spots. they always have something to sell. it is either drinks, recharge cards, bible, snacks or anything hawkable lol.

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