Several Interviews & No Call Backs? Here Are 7 Things to Note Before Your Next Job Interview

I have been working in media sales for over 15 years and worked for 5 top media companies in the UK. I have had over 30 interviews! Now that may sound like a lot or maybe not enough, but interestingly I have never had a second interview and not got the job! So, I believe I am very well equipped to talk about interviews, what I have learnt and what I know will get you through to the next stage to get that amazing job.

So let’s get to it then!
Right, so you have sent an amazing CV and now you have an interview? Great, perfect! You can relax right? Not quite! This is where the real work begins. You must show you are worth the job in less than an hour so here are my top 7 tips:

Research on the company you are interviewing for
Yes it sounds obvious but as a hiring manager I have seen several people who have come into an interview without knowing anything about the company. Start with the company website and look at the ‘about us’ section. Understand their ethos and vision then go onto google, type in the company name and click on ‘news’ so you see recent news relating to that company. This goes a long way to understand how the business is shaping. With all of this information in mind, during the interview you can drop in little nuggets to demonstrate why you are the best person for the job.

Rehearse your answers
There are several questions that will be asked without fail, and these are:
– Talk me through your CV
– Where have you been challenged and how was it resolved?
– Why do you want to leave your current job?
– Why do you want this job?
If you cannot answer the above questions then you do not deserve the job. But if you think you do then rehearse your response in front of the mirror again and again until it sounds like second nature. The reason for this is to make sure you don’t allow nerves to take away your key points. You cannot afford to waffle about irrelevant things! You need this job.

Know your CV
When the question about your CV is asked, start with the most relevant job experience. If you are applying for a job as a bank manager and worked as a waitress several years before, do not talk about it. It is not relevant. Make sure everything you mention from your CV goes right back to why you are perfect for the job.

Make sure you have questions ready
Do not use the obvious ones like “is there career progression” or “what are the perks” but rather ask punchy questions like “What are the challenges in this department”? It’s an opportunity for you to counter respond. Think about questions that will allow you to talk about your capabilities!

Be confident
Arrive to the interview 20 minutes earlier, go to the reception, politely ask for the ladies/gents and then talk to yourself in front of the mirror. Remind yourself how hard you have worked to get this interview and convince yourself that you are indeed the right person for this job. Now go back to the reception, smile at the receptionist and await your interview. You have got this!

The final question you must ask
“Have you got any reservations about me?” This is an opportunity for you to see what the competition is like, and to understand where they feel you fall short. It works every time. Make sure you respond and give examples to solidify your point!

Always leave a 30-day plan
You are not the only person applying for this job and you need to be remembered. You want this job, so create a document with what you intend to do in the first 30 days at the company. Very few people do this, but those that do stand out.

I want to hear how you get on so please share your experiences and good luck!

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