Shameful Photos! Deep Inside The Forest Of Italy Lies Loads Of Se.x Workers Who Come From Nigeria

According to statistics , there are currently 10,000 to 20,000 Nigerian sexworkers in Italy. The early 1980s , Nigeria, Africa and France have a lot of immigrants came to work in Italy.

At first, they just do farming activities in some tomato farm land , however, when the farm closed, in order to survive they have to start making money in other ways , such as transport drugs or to provide sexualservices . But income sexworkers are still minimal, sometimes only 10 euros only.

Many se.x workers from Nigeria have chosen to work in the forest, they will place a mattress in the forest, and to provide sexual services on it.
In this corner of Italy developed European countries , they use their own way , to seek a way out . Photographer Paolo Patrizi they use their own cameras , recording several Nigerian sexworkers in the forest .


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