The 9 Most Promising Areas/Niches to Launch a Business Startup in 2012

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  1. FaithKeen says:

    I am consultant for US investment group to invest in West Africa. We looking for small investors starts at $1000 US dollars and medium size investors start $5,000 US Dollars to large investors $2M US dollars.

    We have products and projects that needs investors. We have the sellers and the buyers as the sellers and buyers increase we need to have the investor group to increase.

  2. bello sunday says:

    Thanks so much for the information.I will see what I can do to enable me use the information useful for the growing and expansion of my business

  3. Bassey Sam says:

    I find this info very important even i as look forward to act or sell an idea to solve CD/DVD piracy worldwide. Business niche 2 and 6 got my interest.

  4. Spread Media says:

    Thanks alot for this information. If only people will make use of the opportunities around them.

    I agree totally with the last point because it’s one of the things we try to achieve in Spread Media

    1. NairaBrains says:

      We’re glad you loved the article. thanks for stopping by.

  5. Mrol P. dela Cruz says:

    …thanks for this information…it really helps me a lot in my Business Policy and Strategy subjectt…

    Good Day!


    1. NairaBrains says:

      We’re glad you found it useful

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