Most Business owners sadly do seem to forget what they ought to be doing most of the time;
1) Refining the business system to continually become more efficient.
2) Increasing sales of goods and services.
3) Networking and letting as many people as possible, influential or not to know about the business.
And that last responsibility of the entrepreneurs is what I am going to be writing on.

Incidentally, business networking is not the space science or utterly technical stuff that most people think it is. Unlike what many business writers want us to believe. Business networking, infact many business issues require only commonsense to learn and apply. Business shouldn’t be so abstract and business advice also shouldn’t be such as to put the average businessman or woman into confusion.To effectively network requires only simplicity and total discard of ego.

One of my mentors in the business world would always give his story as an advice on the best ways to network in business. Hear him;

“I never thought of networking as something too complex to know and practice rather I saw it as what it really is; getting to know people and making them aware that your business exists. So when I was starting out as the managing director of my own small but modern furniture and upholstery manufacturing business I always made it a point of duty to greet anybody I met, introduce myself and handover my business card. I did that in buses, taxis, trains and later airplanes. I was persistent but I was humble and civil in my approach. I would introduce myself and exchange little pleasantries with anybody I happened to meet before handing my card. It’s pretty simple and unsophisticated.”

This simple way of networking helped my mentor land his first big contract, to manufacture and supply over 3000 pieces of university classroom seats. Since then he has never looked back.

Follow his advice, any other thing is mere confusion and over complication of what should be a simple art to help you increase the awareness about your business and subsequently increase the volume of business you do.

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