Top, Most Used Android Apps in Nigeria ( Quarter 1, 2021)

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This is a list of top 20 most used android apps in Nigeria for the first quarter (January to March) 2021. We hope to make this a quarterly list to show the android apps Nigerians use or download the most within every 3 month period.

  1. Palm Pay – The fintech app that enables users pay bills, get airtime etc apparently benefits from the fact that it comes pre-installed in most Transsion owned phones (Transsion owns Tecno, Infinix phone models).
  2. Opay – Opay came into Nigeria a few years ago with fanfare launching its all in one app that featured try-cycle, bike hailing, fintech etc. Now mostly used as a bill payment, funds transfer and related financial activities app Opay continues to maintain strong usage in the country especially with its mobile money, POS agent network.
  3. Whatsapp – The world’s number one messaging and chat app continues to feature heavily in the lives of millions of Nigerians. It is a surprise it is not the top ranking android app in Google playstore.
  4. Truecaller – The Caller ID app has seen more adoption by Nigerian android users in recent times.
  5. Opera mini – The minimal data consumption browser app continues to be used by many Nigerians especially with the cost of data. This shows that lots of Nigerians are still very conscious about data consumption.
  6. Facebook Lite – Facebook Lite is the smaller, data friendly version of the world’s largest social network. It is not surprising that Facebook Lite is well used in Nigeria given that the internet coverage is still not strong enough in many parts of the country.
  7. Tiktok Lite – The video based social app that became wildly popular in 2020 also has the poor internet friendly version – Tiktok lite. Little surprise that lots of Nigerians also have it on their phones mostly due to weak and costly internet bundles.
  8. Audiomack – Audiomack is a free music sharing and discovery app that has quietly become increasingly used in the country by Android phone users. It distributes quite a lot of songs from Nigerian artists.
  9. Whatsapp Business – The business version of Whatsapp meant for business owners to engage better with customers has good adoption as many small, micro small enterprises use it as primary mode of engagement on social media.
  10. Zoom – The video conferencing and meeting tool became highly popular as the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent shut downs took prominence in 2020. It continues to be heavily used for remote business meetings.
  11. Snapchat – Snapchat is the multimedia messaging app that saw a fairly decent usage among younger Nigerians and appears to continue featuring in lots of android phones.
  12. Smart Security – The phone cleaner, booster and defender app that comes with many Transsion owned phones
  13. Memory Cleaner – This is a phone speed boosting and junk removal app that comes by default with many Transsion owned phones.
  14. Instagram – The heavier version of the second largest social media app sees enough use to make it in the top 20.
  15. Xender – The file sharing app appears to be popular enough among Nigerians
  16. Telegram – Telegram apparently stakes a claim to being the second most used chat/messaging app in the country
  17. Pi Network – A new kind of digital currency that allows you grow your holdings and digital assets in a wallet
  18. Jumia – Nigeria’s top ecommerce site appears to see some usage of its app in Nigeria
  19. Boomplay – Boomplay is a Transsion affiliated music discovery and sharing app that comes with many newer models of Transsion owned phones
  20. Facebook – The heavier version of the world’s largest social network brings up the rear in this Top 20 most used Android apps ranking

This ranking is curated from Similarweb Mobile app ranking of all Google Play free apps.


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