Step by Step Guide to Doing a Traditional Attire / Wedding Bridal Makeup [Video]

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Traditional marriage ceremony is a huge event in many parts of Nigeria, and they’re the kind of family events that everyone looks forward to eagerly. Makeup has always be a very important process for every lady during their traditional marriage. We always want to look our best in days like this.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a traditional attire / traditional wedding bridal makeup.

Whether you are the one having traditional wedding or your friend/sister, this tutorial will show you how to do a makeup. Even when you want to attend any event on traditional attire, it still works for you. Get your materials ready and learn.

What you need to start:
– Powder brush
– Eye shadow
– A well sharpened pencil
– Mascara Eyeliner
– Sweet colored lipstick
– Blush
– Concealer
– Translucent powder
– Primer

Here’s a video to guide you through traditional makeup process

Source: iFashy


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