Why More People Will Leave for Canada in 2020 Than Ever Before

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This is not a doomsday post, we are just saying it as it is. The way things look and the fact that the Canada Express Entry program officially ends in 2021 expect 2020 to be the year of the Canada gold rush. You know how lots of people like to leave things till the end period.

So what does this mean for you or for anyone intending to migrate to Canada?


More competition in the pool. It will become tougher to get invited to apply for permanent residency (In case you are wondering what the Canada Express Entry program means and how you can start the process yourself I suggest you get the Complete Canada Permanent Residency Guide here).


Things that point to a gold rush for Canada in 2020;

  • Worsening economic situation: For a lot of people the economy bits harder and it’s only natural they will try to escape to better climes. Every year already some of the best professionals leave (doctors, lawyers, engineers, IT specialists etc). The outlook from some quarters/experts on economic matters indicate it isn’t getting better soon, so…
  • Career/Employment Prospects: Many young people are increasingly getting frustrated at the lack of employment opportunities. It’s normal news now that millions of graduates are not in employment while a lot more are under employed. This naturally points to a greater exodus to Canada in the next year.
  • Standard of Living: Even people who earn decent salaries and appear to live comfortable middle class lives are jumping ship to Canada and other places like the UK. Why? For this set of people it is more about the quality of life and standard of living in the country. Everyone looks for better of course.
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It is ideal for you whether you are a novice (who barely knows much about the Canada Express Entry program) or you are already aware of how it works but still need quality insights and information. Learn how to get permanent residency in Canada here.


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