Will You Buy?? Checkout Nokia 3310 That Costs N776,000 (Photo)

Caviar is a Russian company, and an expert at manufacturing special edition phones adorned with the portrait of Russian President. They are the makers of the classic Nokia 3310, but this time around it’s having both president of USA, Trump and president of Russia, Putin together on the Nokia 3310 called Putin-Trump Summit special edition.

The gold plated portraits of the presidents are at the back of the Nokia 3310 phone. There’s also an emblem of the G20 summit below the portraits. The device is coated with hardened titanium with a pattern of Damascus steel.

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The (Putin-Trump Summit) Nokia 3310 has volumetric portraits of President Putin and President Trump with double gold coating using the Double Electroplated technology (999-test, 7 microns.) at the back. The body is made of tempered titanium brand W-23 and damask steel coating on the top.

The menu key also has the Engraved logo of the Summit of the G-20 2017, where the two Presidents met.

This collector’s 3310 ships in a special black velvet box. However, you have to spend a whopping $2,466 (roughly #776,790 naira) to get that box containing the Nokia 3310 which is even more expensive than iPhone 7.

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