Complete Guide on How to Start Tomato Farming in Nigeria

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  1. Tunmbi Olaitan says:

    Brother, u sabi, I don’t know the variety I planted, and can u the the spacing for tomatoes, between and within rows. which did u give, is it spacing for between rows or within rows

  2. adrian says:

    How many times a year can you plant and harvest tomato

  3. Olowu Rasaq says:

    Excellent write up. Just planning to go into farming after retirement. This seems a good place to start. Thanks so much and please keep it up. A question: can tomatoes be grown in a container, like a disused cement bag or large paint plastic container?.

  4. Merc says:

    How can I get access to the best seed in nigeria

  5. Atolagbe gabriel says:

    Good job,i want to venture in tomato farming in omu aran inh kwara state i need good tutoria

  6. Atolagbe gabriel says:

    Great job ,i really want to venture into the tomato farm production in omu aran kwara state . But i need more tutoria god bless u .

  7. Emma says:

    Thanks alot

  8. Peter says:

    Excellent! I will try this on a small scale and eventually on a bigger scale.
    How can I reach you for further guide?

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