ancient greek discoveries


Historians do agree that one of the most remarkable civilizations that emerged from Europe is Ancient Greece.

Not only did they produce outstanding leaders like Pericles and the warlike Alexander the Great, they are known for their discoveries and inventions.

Over the years, their inventions and discoveries have been developed to suit contemporary realities.

Here, we will identify the discoveries and inventions of ancient Greece and how they have shaped our modern world.


The Odometer

The Odometer was invented during the First Punic War and used widely during the Hellenistic period.

Although the inventor is shrouded in mystery, the Odometer was used by the Romans and Greeks to measure the distance traveled by a vehicle.

The Odometer has, however evolved from mechanical to digital.

Apart from measuring distance, it is also used to measure distances when constructing roads.


The Alarm Clock

The Alarm Clock was invented by Ctesibius (285-222).

He developed a clepsydras that had a dial with a pointer which showed the timed. He further added an alarm system that used pebbled which dropped on a gong.

Plato, the ancient Greek Philosopher was known to have a huge water clock which has an alarm signal. He used this alarm mostly at night to call for his students to come into classes.

Alarm clocks have evolved over the centuries. From mechanical alarms to alarms developed inside smart phones and watches.



The Olympic Games we get involved in our contemporary was bequeathed to us by the Greeks.

The first Olympic game was held in 776 BC, it was a spectacular sporting event that was dedicated to the Olympia gods and was hosted in the plains of Mount Olympia.

The sports that were carried out in that period include Boxing, Chariot racing, Javelin, Long Jump, Wrestling and Pankration.

The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 and was chaired by Pierre de Coubertin.

The Olympic has developed to accommodate more sporting activities that include Soccer, Archery, Swimming, Basketball, Judo and the likes.

The Tokyo Olympics, which was held in 2021 ushered in new sporting events such as Surfing and Skateboarding.


Concept of Democracy

The concept of liberal and western democracy originated from the Greek City state of Athens.

It is a form of government that allowed for popular participation, which allows citizens to be involved in governance.

This system of government has evolved to be known as liberal democracy and has become the major system of government, almost all nations in the world have adopted.

It further encompasses the concept of human rights, rule of rule, free and fair election and a constitution.


Discoveries in Modern Science

When it comes to Science, we have to give it to ancient Greece because they blazed the trail when it comes to scientific inventions and discoveries.

The Greek intellectuals made great discoveries in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Astronomy and Medicine.

The idea that the world is a globe was introduced by Aristotle. And he is also regarded as the father of Zoology.

Theophrastus, a botanist and the first ever, was involved in the botany.

Pythagoras came up with his theorem, and also carried out great discoveries in geometry and philosophy.

He also propounded the theory that the earth revolves round the sun and not the other way. This theory was far ahead of that time to the extent that people claimed he was blasphemy.

Archimedes realized that when a solid object is submerged into water, it will displace the right amount of liquid.

The Greeks were influential in the discovery of science to the extent symbols in math and physics equations are gotten from the Greek alphabet.

There is a no doubt about the fact that Greek society is influencing the modern world through its discoveries. The feats they achieved in the arts, philosophy, science and their discoveries has continued to shape and will shape our modern world.