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There are increasing opportunities to make money from refer and earn apps in Nigeria. A refer and earn app is designed to offer rewards for users who refer others to download and use the app. It is a way to drive more users/customers to use an app. Some refer and earn apps may include benefits to both the referrer and the referred user (eg in case of a coupon code where the newly referred user can get discounts simply by joining and using the app through the referral code presented by a referrer)

What is a Refer and Earn App?

Refer and earn apps are mobile applications that have a reward system to pay you for referring (bringing) someone to download and use the app.

A refer and earn app can reward a user for bringing someone else to download the app, use the app or subscribe/pay for a product/service on the app.

Eg for a fintech app it may reward users who bring others to use the fintech app for any transaction such as paying bills, making transfers etc.

Refer and earn app rewards can be in form of money, discounts, free coupons etc.

Where Can You Find Refer and Earn Apps

Usually refer and earn apps are abundant in the fintech, savings/investments app sector. You refer people to download and start using the apps to save or invest money and you get a decent referral payment in return.

You can also find several refer and earn apps in Cryptocurrency, Payments etc.

Top Refer and Earn Apps


Piggyvest is a savings app that enables users save towards specific goals or generally save their money for a healthy 8-10% annual interest. This certainly makes it better to save with them than leave the money in the bank.

Piggyvest provides links for users to share and earn some money for any new users that join/use Piggyvest through their referral. Piggyvest generally pays or gives you additional N1,000 for any new referral.


Branch is another fintech app that has a refer and earn program. Branch is a personal finance app that provides loans to individuals without paperwork or collateral.

Branch also enables current users earn small amounts per new user they refer or bring in to use the app.


Umba is a digital bank that enables you save money, pay bills, make transfers, get loans and earn cashbacks for every bill you pay.

Umba promises N500 for every friend you refer to download and use the banking app.


Chipper Cash is a remittance fintech provider that enables anyone send money across Africa. Chipper promises free transfers and low cross border money transfer rates.

Chipper promises N600 for every person you refer to use the app.

Jumia Pay

Jumia Pay is an online payment processor and solution initially built for the e-commerce giant.

You can pay for items online, book airline/bus tickets, make hotel reservations, pay for utilities, etc.

With Jumia Pay you can earn 15% cashback on gaming items (when you use Jumia Pay on checkout) such as playstations, xbox etc.

Jumia Pay also rewards you with N500 once you refer something and they spend up to N500 through Jumia Pay.


Opay is a multi purpose fintech application that enables you access banking services (such as high interest savings, bill payments, and get a card for online payments.

It also runs a mobile money, POS service that enables thousands of agents provide financial services to customers across the country.

Opay has a referral program that helps you earn at least N700 per person you refer to sign up and use the Opay app for financial transactions.


Risevest is a savings/investment app that enables you invest in US/foreign denominated stock markets and real estate.

It’s key promise is to help you save and invest in USD to prevent the effects of inflation on your Naira while also seeing considerable long term appreciation of your funds.

Risevest has a reward program that pays you 3% of the deposit of any friend you refer to the app.


Fairmoney is a digital, microfinance bank that provides loans of up to N1 million to individuals without collateral.

It pays up to N500 as loan discount for every customer you refer to use the loan app.


Abeg is a fintech app that you can use for several financial transactions (transfers, bill payments) as well as receiving money online through giveaways etc

You can sell on Abeg, buy tickets, send money easily, get virtual cards and more.

Abeg pays N750 each time you refer someone to activate their abeg app.


Luno is a cryptocurrency trading exchange where anyone can buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies.

Luno has a referral program that rewards you with cryptocurrency for every friend you refer to actively use their Luno account.

The amount rewarded varies.


Cowrywise is a savings and investment app that helps anyone save towards specific goals and invest in mutual funds.

On Cowrywise you may earn bonuses of fee waivers when you refer a friend to a minimum deposit of N5,000 in their locked savings or investment plan.