Cool Sneakers for the Trendy


Are you thinking of changing your fashion sense as the year winds down?

Are you are tired of wearing the same set of shoes? Why not try out a pair of sneakers.

Sneakers can be worn on virtually anything and everything. You can wear sneakers with suits, agbadas, ankaras and on a pair of shorts.

If worn in the right way, a pair of sneakers will elevate and brighten your fashion level.

You can pick from a range of designer sneakers to wear. From Balaciaga to New Balance and Nike the list goes on and on.

Check out some of the latest sneakers that are trendy in 2021.

Oliver Cabel Low 1 Frost

Sneakers from this designer comes in white and they stylish.

It is simple to wear and not tool loud. You can easily rock it on a jacket and a pair of shorts.

Nike Air Max

If you are looking for something to wear for your early morning or evening stroll, the latest Nike Air Max is there for you.

Elegant looking, you can rock it with your friends as you play around on the basketball court.

Its sporty nature makes it appealing to athletes.  You can cope one here

Koio Capri Castagna


 This designer sneaker brand usually comes in brown and it is dignifying to wear.

It is best worn casually with a pair of jeans.

If you have a house party to attend to, Koio Capri Castagna is there for you to rock.

You can also adorn your feet with this magnificent piece of art as you attend a bachelor party. Want something like this, Check it out here.

Axel Arigato Clean 90

For lovers of Owambe looking to rock the dance floor with their shaku shaku, leg work and Alanta moves the Axel Arigato Clean 90 is there for you.

This designer wear can be worn with traditional wears especially on Ankaras and Agbadas.

The sleekness of the base of the shoe makes it easy for you to dance.

Not only will you dance to waoh the crowd, your leg work will make Michael Jackson beam with a smile. Get the Axel Arigato here

Adidas Originals Superstar

Although casual, it is stylish and it will go well on a nice piece of black or blue suit.

You can also wear it on a casual Friday while you rock it with a pair of jeans and nice polo shirts.

Sneakers comes in various shades of designs, shapes, forms and colors. The fashion brand for sneakers has evolved over the years. The interesting part is, it is unisex and you can never get tired of wearing it. It seems sneakers have come to stay.