inspirational youtube accounts


Many times, we struggle with life. We struggle with what to do, how to do and when to do certain things in our life. When we fail, we get frustrated and feel like ending it all.

Sometimes, the motivation to do things are not there because we believe it will not be a success based on past experiences. For instance, you applied for a dream opportunity, you put in lots of efforts and sleepless nights, ran around getting the proper documents and signatures and even meeting people to review your cover letters.

Then you end up not getting the opportunity, you feel your effort wasted and you fall into anguish. When next the opportunity comes again, you ask yourself, is it worth chasing again?

The truth is, without pains there will be no gains. Sometimes, the struggles we pass through in accessing certain opportunities are battle scars that make us appreciate it what we have.

Many times, we need motivation to be gingered in order to go after our goals and achieve them. Youtube is a wonderful platform to watch high octane motivational speeches that will inspire to go after your goals and achieving them.

Below is a list of 10 Youtubers whose channels are inspiring.

  1. Mateusz M

With over a million subscribers on Youtube, Mateusz’s channel is one of the most visited inspirational channels on the platform. His videos are like lightening fires that sets you up on your feet.

He uses the voice overs from Will Smith and Steve Jobs and their words that are powerful touches the core of your soul which arouses your emotions to get the job done.

  1. Tony Robbins

One of the most respected persons in business and life coaching is Tony Robbins.

His words are filled with life and always fired up with urgency. You get hooked when you listen to him because you don’t miss out on his takes.

He is one of the most revered motivational speakers not just on Youtube but in real life.

He currently has 1.24 million subscribers on his channel.

  1. Absolute Motivation

There is a feeling of hypnotization when you watch this channel.

So be careful when watching this video because you might get lost in it.

These motivations teach workout sessions, career growth and success.

This channel has over a million subscribers.

  1. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is a passionate and excellent speaker. When you listen to him speak, you will start developing goosebumps.

If care is not taken, you start shedding tears of joy.

His words are powerful and are laced with real stories of life and he has a sense of humor.

His channel is very interesting and motivational.

He boasts of over a million subscribers.

  1. Brian Tracy

One of the reasons people watch Brian Tracy’s videos is due to his preciseness.

They are short and it touches the core of your soul.

His words carry value and with over 400 videos on his channel, he boasts of 1.27 million subscribers.

  1. Robin Sharma

He is a leadership coach that talks about people ‘leading without a title’.

He urges his listeners to become world class in anything they might be doing and hammers on seeing things from a new perceptive.

He has an impressive collection of videos on his channel.

  1. Basquiat Picasso

His channel is filled with wonderful videos that are moving and full of life.

The truth is, it can also melt your heart.

His speeches are so powerful that they will open up your emotions and wake up the power within you.

  1. Be Inspired

Within a year of its creation, this channel accumulated over five hundred thousand subscribers.

If you are in body building and you want to get the best from your gym time, this channel is the go to.

The videos in this channel also give fire to your soul and teaches wisdom.  It has over a million subscribers.

  1. Motivation Grid

If you are waking up for the day and you want to get fired up, go to this channel and you will not be disappointed. As you listen to the words of inspiration that emanates from this channel, you learn the tales of legends from them. You learn how to be a better version of yourself and it teaches how to stop the nasty habit of complaining.

  1. Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is an inspiring motivational speaker that gives powerful speeches on resilience, big dreams and overcoming fear. His channel is loaded with inspiring videos and over a million people have taken his courses online. Over the years, he has proven to be one of the most revered speakers of his time.

These channels ooze positive contents that inspires you to dream big, reflect about your life and pursue your goals.

You cannot afford to be less than who you are, you need to improve and become a better version of yourself.

If you are feeling down or you need that extra push, check out one of these videos and trust me, you will get the boost you need.