internet speed test south africa


Wondering about the countries with the fastest internet speed in Africa? These are the countries who have the fastest fixed broadband internet speed in Africa as at June 2021.

This ranking is according to the Speedtest Global Index which ranks mobile and fixed broadband internet speeds from around the world on a monthly basis.

Ghana, South Africa and Egypt lead the pack of African countries with the fastest internet speed. Ghana’s inclusion in the list will surely come as a surprise to lots of non-Ghanaians as South Africa and Egypt are expected to be somewhere at the top of a list of this nature.

Internet speed is becoming a very important factor in the overall technology development sector of any country. Most times the internet speed available in a country points to development strides going on in its tech sector and by extension its economy.

Here’s the ranking for internet (fixed broadband) speed in Africa by Mbps.

  1. Ghana – 53.2
  2. South Africa – 47.3
  3. Egypt – 42.4
  4. Madagascar – 38.6
  5. Ivory Coast – 37.3
  6. Seychelles – 37
  7. Senegal – 35.2
  8. Morocco – 28.3
  9. Mauritius – 25.6

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