Most Outdated Things People Still Use Everyday


The world moves at a pace where things we used some years ago suddenly become outdated. What are some of the most outdated things people still use everyday?

We looked at the answers to this question on an online forum and some of them are truly incredible. What some people still use everyday that you might consider outdated.

  • A Notebook: For people who are tech savvy they can’t remember the last night they used a jotter or notebook. However for many people they still make use of notebooks everyday, at school, at work etc.
  • A Calculator: With phones becoming so ubiquitous you would think calculators would have gone extinct. Well, not quite. Lots of people, accountants, business owners, etc still use a proper calculator (HP, Cacio etc) on their desk everyday. Old habits die hard, I guess
  • A Flip Phone: A user said they are like dinosaurs. Surprisingly in some parts of the world lots of people still use flip phones. This article shows how many people still use flip phones in Japan, in 2019!
  • Windows 7: You will be surprised how many people use a computer running on Windows 7 OS. One user hilariously said the fan will randomly go off when he has like 3 tabs on and shut down.
  • Typewriters: Yes, Typewriters are still used in lots of places in the developing world, India and Nigeria as an example.
  • Watches: Watches should be outdated already with phones everywhere that people use to tell the time. Still, millions of people still spend significant sums on watches and wear them everyday. We guess they are more like fashion items these days.
  • Print Newspapers: In many places around the world people still rely on print newspapers for their daily information and news. This may not be your reality if you are able to access the internet for all the news and information you need. However millions of people still buy and read the printed newspapers.
  • CDs: Lots of people still use compact disks especially to play music on their disk players or save stuff on their computers. In the current world of streaming, bluetooth file sharing etc you would think CDs would have been gone forever but no, they are still very much around.
  • Wooden Pencils: Lots of people in schools, artists, architects still use wooden pencils everyday despite the availability of new means like pens, plastic, mechanical pencils and even software for writing, drawing etc
  • Playstation 2: You will be surprised how many people still use their old playstation for games despite much more newer, modern versions available.

What other outdated things do you see people still use everyday? You can let us know in the comments.

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