Reasons to Visit Ghana


Ghana is called the gateway to Africa and it is a result of its strategic position in the Gulf of Guinea. Its location advantage has makes a critical base for connecting with the rest of the continent. Before it was called Gold Coast due to its extensive gold reserves by its colonial masters which were the British. 

One of the very few English speaking countries in West Africa, Ghana takes pride in its bubbling cities and peaceful villages. The country is symbolic as it shows tradition can mesh perfectly with modernity.

But whatever your Ghanaian know-how, here are 10 reasons why you have to visit Ghana.

A Peaceful Country

Ghana is has a long history of stable democracy and a healthy economy and this makes it a safe travel destination.  Crime rates are quite low, insurgency is nearly nonexistent unlike its neighbouring Anglophone country Nigeria. Also, Ghana is extremely hospitable to tourists.

Rich History

Ghana’s history includes tall tales that explain how it has gotten to where it is today. Ghana became powerful and wealthy from trading in gold and was among the first people in Africa to make contact with Europeans.

But in the early twentieth century, during British occupancy,  Ghanaians began trading internationally and they grew their economy through the production of cocoa and coffee.


The government recognises a couple of indigenous languages as national languages. Two of the most popular are the Twi language, which is spoken in the southern and central regions, and the Dagbani language – spoken by people in the northern region.

Also, many Ghanaians communicate using English. These languages give them a unified front.


Today, many Ghanaians identify as Christians which leaves little room for religious crises. This makes the building of a modern nation possible.

Ghana’s Matriarchal Culture

One of the foremost countries to embrace feminism due to their matriarchal culture. The Akan people have a system of inheritance that is based on their matriarchal lineage. This gives women equal opportunities as men.


Ghanaian food has a mixture of indigenous flavours and outside influences. You’ll find stews with intriguing flavours throughout Ghana. The stews usually contain a type of fish and are eaten with fufu – is made from either cassava, plantain, yam, maize, millet, sorghum, potatoes or cocoyams.

Another staple of Ghanaian cuisine is jollof rice: what makes the cuisine so popular is the seasoning that includes a variety of Ghanaian spices with tomatoes and pepper that goes into the many flavours that tantalise your taste buds.

Street food and snacks are also a big part of the Ghanaian culture, so be sure to buy a few to savour Ghana cuisine in its purest form when you visit.


Music is very much a part of Ghana and has a social function in Ghanaian society. Drumming, music and dance are forms of communication vivid displays of joy and are used to tell the history of Ghanaian people.

String and wind instruments are used with European instruments to create traditional rhythms, thereby developing a musical style now known as highlife. Today, highlife has evolved into hiplife which is loved by youth while upbeat gospel songs are favoured by the majority, due to Ghana being a predominantly Christian country.

Cultural Diversity

When you are in Ghana, you can expect your senses to be fascinated by the Ghanaian love for life which reflects in their choice of brightly coloured, boldly patterned fabrics, clothes and artefacts. Everything that concerns them is about colour and symbolisation

Ghana culture is visible from the kente weave which is the fabric worn by Ashanti royalty, to beadwork, art, wood carvings, and pottery.

Amazing Tourists Sites 

Unique centuries-old white mud mosques, built in the West Sudanese-style in Northern Ghana, the Larabanga Mosque, the Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle, Christianborg Castle, the Kumasi Fort, The National Museum of Ghana at Accra, the Volta Regional Museum, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Museum of Nkroful, places you must visit to get the essence of Ghana.


Ghana is yet to be a popular travel destination. So you can reap the benefits of travelling on an easy budget and getting more than you paid for. The reason being, the hospitality and warmth of Ghanaians. So expect to get the Akwaaba welcome whenever you set foot in a hotel, restaurant or Ghana home.