reasons to visit Plateau State


According to Britannica, Plateau State is distinguished by its high bounding scarp and by bare grassland. But for someone like you who has never been on the plateau. Here are some reasons to visit Plateau State:


The landscape on the plateau is filled with eroded gneiss formations, granite intrusions forming massifs, and numerous extinct volcanic cones which is surrounded by basaltic flows. It also has several containing crater lakes.


Though Plateau State is situated in the tropical zone, its higher altitude has a near temperate climate with an average temperature of between 13 and 22 °C. Harmattan winds which blow in the months of December and February cause the coldest weather.  The dry season which is between March and April causes the temperature to be warm. The wet season which is between July and August is characterized by heavy rainfalls.

Numerous Rivers

Due to its rainy climate, Plateau State is the source of numerous rivers, which includes the Kaduna, Karami, and N’gell, which goes into the Niger River; the Mada, Ankwe, Dep, Shemanker, and Wase, these rivers flow to the Benue; the Lere, Maijuju, and Bagei, which supply the Gongola; and the Kano, Delimi, Bunga, Jamaari, and Misau, which in turn nourishes Lake Chad.

Home of Early Civilization

Plateau State has been occupied since the Acheulean period of the Early African Stone Age, the hand axes found near Jos town serve as proof. Also, the discovery of Nok figurine sculptures in the 1930s has proved that Nok, the best-known West African Stone Age culture, flourished in Plateau State from about 900 BC to AD 200.

Home of Diverse Cultures and Traditions

There are over forty ethnolinguistic groups on the plateau. Some of the indigenous tribes in the state are the Berom, Afizere, Amo, Irigwe, Jarawa, Jukun, Anaguta, Aten, Bijim,  Mhiship, Irchip, Fier, Gashish, Mupun, Mwaghavul , Ngas, Goemai ,  Kadung, Kofyar (comprising Doemak, Kwalla, and Mernyang), Montol , Mushere, Piapung, Pyem, Ron-Kulere, Bache, Bogghom, Buji, Jipal, Talet, Tarok, and Youm. These ethnic groups are predominantly farmers and their culture and traditional ways of life are similar.
People from other parts of the country can be found in Plateau State; these include the Hausa, Tiv, Idoma, Igbo, Yoruba, Ibibio, Annang, Efik, Ijaw, and Bini.

Home of Mineral Resources

Plateau has been one of the world’s major suppliers of tin and iron. It also has the world’s largest deposits of columbite, an ore of niobium found associated with tin. Tantalite, kaolin, zircon, wolfram (tungsten), and uranium are also mined. Lead, iron ore, gold and silver deposits can be found.

It said that the mineral wealth on the plateau attracted numerous Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and European migrants in the 20th century.

Various Delicacies

Acha, sorghum, maize, and millet are the most widely cultivated staple foods; but cash crops, especially potatoes, yams, and green vegetables, are grown for various markets across Nigeria. A large number of cattle, goats and sheep are also raised on the plateau.


Plateau State is known as The Home of Peace and Tourism in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, these are some of the tourist sites:

  • The Wildlife Safari Park
  • The National Museum 
  • The Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture
  • Solomon Lar Amusement Park 
  • Jos Zoo 
  • Assop Falls
  • Kurra Falls
  • Wase Rock
  • Kerang Highlands
  • Shere Hills
  • Riyom Rock
  • Pandam Game Reserve
  • Kahwang Rock Formation
  • Miango Rest House

Home to Notable people

Plateau State has birthed numerous notable people who are experts in their fields. Here are some of them:

  • M.I Abaga
  • Joseph Nanven Garba
  • Yakubu Gowon
  • Jeremiah Gyang
  • Solomon Lar
  • Mikel John Obi
  • P-Square
  • Panam Percy Paul
  • Ice Prince
  • Gagdi Adamu Yusuf

A Home away from Home

Plateau State is a home away from home due to the accommodating nature of its inhabitants. You don’t have to worry about anything as it a cheap place to live in. Fresh food is in abundance and they are organically produced giving you great value for your money.

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