scholarship websites for africans


Many Africans desire to study abroad either for their masters, PHD or even undergraduate degree, but they are constrained by access to information and finance.

There are fully or partially funded scholarships for your undergraduate or graduate degree; these scholarships will cater for your traveling expenses, allowances, tuition, accommodation and even health insurance.

Securing a foreign education comes with its perks.

Apart from having access to world class facilities and industry experts, you have access to grants for your research work, internship in multinational agencies that will improve your professional competencies and a multicultural network that can be tapped into future engagement.

The possibilities of a foreign scholarship are endless.

If you are seeking for a scholarship, this article will curate relevant websites where you can have access to scholarships for either your masters or PHD.

  1. Opportunity Desk: Opportunity Desk is a proven website for scholarships and fellowship updates. You will find all kinds of websites for any scholarship in any country. The website is user friendly and easily navigable.
  2. Opportunity for Africans: This is another website where you can find resources for exchange programs and scholarships. They also have job updates and blogs on how to apply for scholarships and jobs.
  3. Afribary Opportunities: This is an American operated website that has information you might not see on the internet. If you are planning to school in America and seeking a graduate assistantship, this is the go to website. It has a lot resources on how to write a winning statement of purpose and how to request recommendation letters from your lecturer. It has a data base of Masters and PHD programs in the US.
  4. Youth Opportunities: Another platform where Africans can have access to information regarding a scholarship or fellowship. Its database is also top notch and you can easily filter what you need.
  5. Hey Success: A website that is cosmopolitan and student centric in nature, if you are a student and seeking for a scholarship, you will find the right information here. Furthermore, if you are seeking internships or jobs, they have access to openings in multinational cooperation such as FIFA, Warner Bros, Volvo, World Economic Forum, Disney and the likes. However, in order to enjoy some access to this benefit you might need to subscribe for a premium.
  6. Niche: This is another American website filled with mainly American schools. The website has an updated list of scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate study. They also have how to articles that will aid your application process.
  7. Scholarship Ads: What makes the website appealing is the fact that if you are spoilt for choice on where to go and study. This website has the list of all the continents and the schools and agencies that awards scholarships. It’s just for you to filter and find the right one for you.
  8. After School Africa: Apart from having a catalogue of scholarship of any kind for African students, they also have updates of entrepreneurship opportunities for African students. If you are business orientated and you seek mentorship and funding. This is the website for you.
  9. Afribary: This website is embedded with scholarship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and interns. If you are also seeking grants for your research or academic work, this website has the latest opportunities.
  10. Scholars4dev: If you are seeking scholarships in the development space such as in public health, international relations, international development, rural development, agricultural extension and the likes, this is the go to website. It has everything you need as regards development of any country and awarding agency.
  11. Advance Africa: This is a website for Africans mainly. They have all information concerning any scholarship or fellowship around the world.
  12. Scholarship for international students: PHD candidates who are seeking international admission can check out this website for information. 80% of its updates are on PHD opportunities.
  13. Fully funded scholarships: As the name implies, you will have access to information of scholarships that will pay everything without you paying a single dime. From masters, PHDs and fellowships, the list is there on the website.
  14. Scholarship DB: a distinctive feature of this website is its knack to find scholarship information for ‘obscure’ courses like Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology and the likes. If you study one of the course under this category for your undergraduate and still having interest to pursue them for your graduate and you are seeking for scholarship, this is the website to go to.
  15. Scholarship Position: Apart from updating their website hourly on scholarships and fellowships, they have a career advice center where you can access for valuable advice.

It is imperative to scour through these websites thoroughly in order to get the information you need.

Having access to this information on these websites is free, except for Hey Success that charges for premium, you can still make use of the free plan to access the valuable resources.

Scholarship season is here, start working on your SOPs, reference letters, CVs, publications and that English proficiency exam.

All the best.