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As the year comes to an end, there are certain people you need to avoid for you to be mentally sound. And though it is difficult to identify them you have to rely on your instincts in order to fish them out. So here are some types of people to avoid (you should be on a lookout for) as the year comes to an end:

Manipulative People

A manipulative person may disguise as a great friend who has your interest at heart. They make it difficult to see their true intention. They try to manipulate us into doing their bidding but in a subtle way. All the information they have about you is used to coerce you into doing things for them.

One way to identify manipulators is that they always want to receive without giving in return.

Gossip Mongers

There is a saying that goes like this ‘if nobody talks about you, then you are nobody’. While this is true, you have to tread very carefully regarding this issue. I know we can’t avoid gossip mongers but we can control what they say around us. Because though it seems as if they are bringing you up to date with the happenings in people’s lives, they are most likely talking about you to others as well.


It is ok to have people go through your work or happenings in your life and give you honest feedback, But there should be a limit to how you assimilate this feedbacks. There are some people who in the guise of giving your feedback run you down with their negativities. They criticize all you do and make you feel less than you are or worthless.

Critics will always judge you and make you feel that you are not enough. For you to be mentally healthy, you have to avoid them.

Self-Absorbed People

You need to have a healthy dose of self-esteem but it becomes too much when all you think of is yourself. If you are around self-absorbed people, you will be drained not only emotionally but physically as well. Because they do things that are beneficial to themselves only.

You have to learn how to stand up for yourself when you are around self-absorbed people.

Lazy People

It is ok to take a break, put your feet up when you are tired. But when you are around those who put their feet up after doing practically nothing, it can be contagious. So be careful around people who laze around as you may end up doing their tasks to the detriment of your progress. If that is not bad enough, they will take the credit for the work done.

Envious People

It is ok to be competitive but you have to be careful not to cross over and become envious. As envious people are not easily satisfied which leads them to measure their growth and that of others by materialistic standards.

If you spend too much time with envious people you will realize that they can do anything to make sure nobody is better than them.


We all have needs but it’s wise for us to prioritise on the pressing ones. But you have to be careful around people who are continually in need. These people are constantly asking for things and they don’t consider others who are in need. You have to avoid these sets of people as they can be draining.


Dementors are highly negative people who suck the life out of any gathering they set into. They have this negative air around them which makes people uncomfortable around them. You have to avoid these set of people at all cost.

Insecure People

Insecurity and the lack of trust is the root cause of relationships failing these days. Insecure people do  not believe in themselves. If you are not careful, they can pull you back from your focus in life.

These set of people don’t believe in their self-growth but look for ways of destroying other people’s reputation.

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