sugar daddy scandals


As you may already know a Sugar Daddy is an older man who lavishes gifts and money on much younger women in return for their company or sexual favours. Many ladies pray for a Sugar Daddy to provide for their many financial needs and so it is a word that has become popular and come to stay all over the world.

There is always a high chance that a Sugar Daddy is any of the following;

  • married
  • popular/famous
  • rich/wealthy
  • politician

So you can bet that Sugar daddy scandals always come up now and then.  

Here are some sugar daddy scandals you probably didn’t know about:

Micheal Diongoli

This man has been linked to various celebrities and the latest is Nengi Hampson. It’s said that he got her a house and a brand new range rover which she flaunted online. What makes this news scandalous was Nengi posing with these gifts and making us believe it was gotten from her sweat.

Aliko Dangote

2020 came to an end with a bang, we got to see the butt of the richest man in Nigeria. His side chick, Bea Lewis had posted a picture of him and was talking about how he broke her heart but was the reason she became serious with her life. It didn’t end there, some ladies started popping out with stories of how they were with Aliko at some point in their lives.

Jack Rich

This man here is allegedly Destiny Etiko’s sugar daddy. When she posted the brand new Prado she got online, tongues started wagging and fingers were pointed at Mr Jack as it’s said to be him who has been financing the curvy actress’s lifestyle. Though he denied it, we know there is no smoke without a fire.

Jay Z

We love and hate this couple, we love their music and we play their songs on a repeat. But in 2017, we learnt that his marriage to Beyonce was shaking as he had gotten involved not only with quite a number of ladies but his sister in law was said to have attacked him during an argument in an elevator. He admitted to cheating on his wife and it seems they have resolved their issues as their relationship looks as strong as always.

Michael Usifo Ataga

We all woke up to the sad story of Usifo who was killed by his sugar baby Chidinma Ojukwu. The story got so complicated and his wife was also implicated in the death of her husband which is not only embarrassing to the woman but their children as well. 

Femi Otedola

The fourth richest man in Nigeria was dragged into a sex scandal by two Canadian sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo. They claimed they had in their possession evidence of him cheating on his wife. However, we later found out these sisters were fond of blackmailing rich men after they were arrested.

Bill Clinton

It seems men called Bill have a way of stealing not only the heart of ladies but also getting them to warm their beds. This president is not an exception. He was accused of sexual assault and misconduct which dates as far back as 1978. In 1998, a sex scandal which involved a 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky became known to the public and it’s said that their sexual relationship lasted between 1995 and 1997. His wife who had vouched on live tv about his innocence was shocked when Bill accepted the accusations levelled against him.

So there you have 7 sugar daddies scandals you didn’t know about.