#Nigeriadecides: State by State Updates on 2015 Nigeria Presidential and National Assembly Elections

Nigeria is at the polls today casting their votes to choose the next set of national leaders for 2015 – 2019. Throughout this period we shall publish events and updates on what is going on around the country as Nigerians vote; Imo State: Unconfirmed reports from Imo State indicate that the Imo Information Commissioner has… Read More »

3 Highest Grossing Nollywood Movies of 2015

Coming up with a list of this nature is one of the most difficult things for a blog platform in Nigeria to do. The sheer lack of data and verifiable information mean that you dig deeper and take more time than planned to get the whole article right. Nigeria’s movie industry known popularly as ‘Nollywood’… Read More »

Bank Profits: Nigeria’s Top 2 Banks Post N99 Billion, N98 Billion Profit Respectively

Information made available on the Nigeria STock Exchange show that Zenith Bank and Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (two of the top banks in Nigeria) made over 10% increase each in annual post tax profits. Zenith Bank pre-tax profit for the period ended December 31, 2014 climbed up 8.3 per cent to N119.7bn from N110.5bn recorded… Read More »

Multichoice Nigeria (DSTV) Explains Reason Behind Increase in Pricing

Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe in an interview with journalists explained the rationale behind the recent increase in subscription costs of the Multichoice pay TV service popularly known as DSTV. When told by reporters that the hike in subscription costs had hit Nigerians hard especially coming at the time when the economy was already… Read More »

World’s First Successful Penis Transplant Happens in South Africa; 21 Year Old Gets Penis Replaced

A 21 year old man who had his penis cut off after a botched circumcision has successfully undergone a penis transplant. The ‘ground-breaking’ operation took South African surgeons nine hours to perform, and allowed the patient to urinate normally and become sexually active again. The man who remains unidentified, was forced to have his penis… Read More »

Canadian Lawmaker Runs Out of Parliament Claiming his Pants Were too Tight

A Canadian lawmaker Pat Martin came up with a most hilarious excuse for leaving the House of Commons parliament session just before the commencement of a vote. He hurried out of the session as members began to rise one by one to vote on a legislative matter before them. The reason Martin (who belongs at… Read More »

NANS Urge NYSC to Reduce Online Registration Fee to N3,000

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has urged the management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to reduce the fee for online call-up from N4,000 to N3,000. The curious call (as most watchers feel outright removal of the fee is the major thing that should be sought for) came from the student body… Read More »

$300,000 Turns the Life of Detroit Man Who Walked 5,000 Miles a Year to Work Upside down

If you want to work and you’re black and you’re a blue-collar guy from Detroit and you don’t have a car, chances are you’ve got to take a bus to whatever suburb it is where they’re hiring. Because they’re not hiring in Detroit. But the busses only go as far as the mall, because they… Read More »

Nigeria’s Top 10 Wealthiest People in 2014

This is the latest upgraded version of the list of the richest persons in Nigeria. This list has been compiled through research and from various respectable sources. Family fortunes or unaccounted wealth are excluded from considerations; likewise weath acquired through politics or dictatorship. Here’s Nigeria currently richest ten; Aliko Dangote Dangote, though currently has had… Read More »

How Dangote has Lost almost Half of His Wealth in the Past 6 Months

Bloomberg Billionaires (@BBGBillionaires) recently tweeted that Aliko Dangote, Nigeria’s and Africa’s richest man has lost almost half of his $21 billion wealth over the past few months. That sent quite some ripples to followers and watchers of the rich list in Africa. So how did Dangote become almost $10 billion poorer? – The depreciation in… Read More »

Nigeria’s 17 Most Valuable Internet Companies/Startups (Valuation, Web/Social Media Influence)

Internet startups and companies are getting more prominent attention in the media space as some of them begin to command investment and revenues in millions of dollars. It’s no longer child’s play; the internet startup craze is here to stay. While there remain numerous small fishes, barely making revenue and unsure of being in operation… Read More »

Chinua Achebe Named AMong Top 10 World Authors with the Biggest Sequels

The UK based Independent newspaper compiled a list of ten famous authors who have released literary sequels, and a Nigerian made the list. Chinua Achebe, widely regarded as the ‘father’ of modern African literature was named alongside 9 other acclaimed authors who had written well known sequels. His 1960 novel, No Longer at Ease is… Read More »

Italians Who Alledgedly Defrauded a Nigerian Bank of N717 million Arraigned in Court by Police

An Italian businessman named Piero Allan Franchillo was on Tuesday brought before a Federal High Court in Lagos on charges of defrauding Zenith Bank Plc of over N700 million. The 56 year old man was charged by the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of the police with 5 count charges of advance fee fraud, forgery and… Read More »

How to Become Financially Successful as a Self Published Author/Writer

Writing, especially in Nigeria and many parts of Africa, appear to be a thankless profession. A big percentage of authors and writers rarely make sufficiently decent living from writing. Thanks to the internet that has democratised a lot of processes a first time unknown writer can now actually get a book published and sold without… Read More »

Best Smartphones You Can Get for Under N40,000

Sometimes, due to budget limitations you may need a smartphone with most of the top notch capabilities one might want in a high end smartphone but still at a reasonable cost range. So we feel you may find this compilation of most affordable smartphones you can get under N40,000 useful and they can do for… Read More »

Top Traffic (Most Visited) Nigerian Websites in January 2015

Our first top websites list of the year 2015 is here! At the end of last year 2014 our top 10 Nigerian sites included 2 ecommerce sites, 2 news sites, 2 entertainment and lifestyle blog (or rather 1 lifestyle and 1 Gossip blog). For the month of January 2014 not much changed in the ranking… Read More »

How to Make it Through University With Your Own Money

Getting through university or higher institution is a tough enough journey on its own; and when you have to do that being financially responsible for yourself. Making money (enough to cater for your needs at school) is something you will need to juggle with your academic responsibilities. To make it through college with your own… Read More »

Apple’s 1st Quarter Reports: New Record 74.5 Million iPhones Sold, $18 billion Profit

Apple made history in its first quarter reports for the period ending 27th December, 2014 as it announced a whooping 74.5 million iphones sold. This beat its previous record quarter sales of 51 million iphones. This is also the first time a device and phone company is selling more than 60 million smartphones in one… Read More »

Top Entertainment Brands and Companies in Nigeria 2014

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has surely grown over the past few years. From the music to the movie and comedy industry much more noticeable improvement has been made though it is nowhere near the possibilities that can be attained. In this report we look at the biggest and most attractive entertainment brands across all… Read More »