We all know the rate of unemployment in Nigeria and how it has caused the educated youths to roam about with no job in hand.  Gratefully, there are businesses you can partake in or undergo that would fetch you income which would in turn help give you a foothold in the society we live in today.

Below are the list of small business ideas suggested that you can engage in to earn income:

1. Raw Food Business

This is a profitable business that can bring good returns on investment in Nigeria. Nigerians are people who like to eat home cooked food more than fast food, unlike their foreign counterparts. Things like rice, beans, garri, among others, are what would be sold.

2. POS Agent Business

This is currently an in-vogue business where POS payment agents help people make withdrawals, transfers, pay for bills etc. There are lots of adults in Nigeria who are always in need of cash or need help with paying electricity bills, cable TV payments etc. You can sign up on any of the major fintech Payment operators like Opay or the banks, apply for a POS machine, and set up with a mini stall.

3. Nurseries/Daycare Business

There will always be a need to earn a living even after childbirth. This is one of the reasons nurseries make a lot of money. The services they provide are incomparable and indispensable. If you have a soft spot for babies and children, you may want to consider starting a daycare.

4. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business

It is one of the relatively common businesses to start in Nigeria. A lot of people have done very well in this area and are still doing well. There are a lot of people who are too overwhelmed with work not to have time to wash their clothes. You only need to set up in a conspicuous neighbourhood with lots of busy working class persons.

5. Hamper/Gift Business

In Nigeria there are always lots of seasons and reasons to give gifts (birthdays, special holidays like Christmas, child dedication etc). If you know you have a knack for gifts (identifying cool gifts and packaging/wrapping them in the most attractive ways) you can monetise that gift. Take the burden of people who want to gift others something. You help them source and put together the gift package or hamper and even deliver for a fee. Use social media platforms like Instagram to promote your business. You will find that there are already several people doing this. It is one of the low startup cost businesses you can find.

6. Graphic Design Business

If you have the design skills, you can turn to the graphic design business. One of the benefits of this business is that you can learn the skills in involved in from scratch from a variety of free online resources and then expand on what you have learned. You can help people and businesses design an array of things from brochures to invitation/wedding cards, t-shirts etc.

7. Phone Repair Business

There are hardly any adults who do not have a phone in Nigeria. It just proves that the phone industry and the other businesses around it will only continue to grow. You can learn phone repair skills so that you can explore the huge market that exists.

8. Podcast Business

To start your own podcast you will need to put together some equipment. Then you must have deep interest in a specific area and build a talk show around it. The beauty of the emerging podcast opportunity is that years ago you probably needed to convince a radio station to give you time slot for your show. Nowadays you can simply turn your study to a studio and interview people from anywhere in the world on different interesting topics. 

9. A Delivery/Courier Business

With increasing exposure to online business and shopping there is always an opportunity to start a courier/delivery business that helps small business vendors deliver purchased goods quickly to their customers for a flat fee within the city/town. The obvious drawback to this might be the cost of acquiring a few bikes, hiring riders, implementing a tracking and payment collection system as well as dealing with local transport and government agencies.

10. Poultry Raising Business

Starting a poultry farm may seem easy, but starting a business is also something completely different. This means that you are not only a chicken farmer, but also an entrepreneur. Define your target market and the part of the chicken industry that you intend to enter. The chicken industry has two main parts; Layers, where chickens raised lay or also produce eggs, or Broilers, where chickens are raised primarily for meat.

11. Fashion Design/Tailoring Business

The art of sewing has been around since time immemorial. If you have an eye for fashion and can learn the skills, you can start working to immerse yourself in the sewing industry. There is always a demand for all types of fashion wears. You can decide to focus on a specific niche like bespoke traditional attires, corporate dress/wears etc. 

12. Tomato Growing Business

Starting a tomato growing business is a rewarding business that doesn’t cost too much to start. However, before you start your tomato business, find out about the type of tomatoes people typically want. This information can be obtained from those who provide seeds, as they will be able to tell you what is popular and what is not. In addition, they will introduce you to varieties that sell well; however, you will also need to make sure that the seeds you eventually harvest grow well in your climate.

13. Organic Farming Business

Many people for health reasons opt only for organic products. These products take a long time to mature, unlike their hybrid counterpart. If you have a penchant for healthy living and have access to land and some capital, you may want to consider starting an organic farm. Some of the areas you can focus on include organic livestock, organic diary, organic fish farm etc.

14. Freelance Writing Business

It is very possible to become a full-time freelance writer for a living, or to be a part-time freelance writer supplementing a regular paid income. Another role is to do it just for fun or to build a bigger skill portfolio. your writing hobby in a career that does not affect your daily work.

15. Clothing Store Business

The clothing store (boutique) segment consists of small retail stores that sell a limited range of clothing and accessories. Industry is defined as one store. Clothing stores (boutiques) can be strictly designer-focused (i.e. only a designer collection is sold there), or they can sell a mix of designer labels (brands) that are specifically served in the local market. The good thing is if you are social media savvy you can build a strong brand and drive sales through Instagram and/or Tiktok.

16. Gaming/Sporting Centre Business

There are a lot of people who enjoy games (snooker, video games, simulation games etc). The scope at which you start can depend on your financial capacity but you can always grow. The good thing is that you can add several profit centres such as betting, football viewing centres etc.

17. Fabric Business

The textile industry is very important in Nigeria because there are many varieties of fabrics. Before you start to consider settling for this business, you need to make sure that someone who is already doing well in the business is able to guide you. Mentoring is important for getting off to a good start.

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