The changing nature of technology and the proliferation of the social media has ushered in new ways of advertising such as Influencer marketing on Instagram.

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and the likes have huge members of users going into billions of dollars.

Due to this massiveness of usage, businesses are now moving into these social media platforms to advertise their goods due to its cheapness and the fact that advertising on these platforms will reach a wider audience.

With social media comes influencer marketing. Instagram is one of the most used platform for influencer marketing.

And this brand of marketing has become one of the useful tools used by businesses, both large and small to get customers for their products and services.

They pay influencers with large followers to market their goods using influencing marketing.

And the success of influencer marketing has been highlighted in a report by Hubspot.

Businesses that can benefit and has benefited from influencer marketing on Instagram will be further explored in this article.

  1. Health care

The health care industry has taken influencer marketing with all seriousness.

For them, it is not just about selling a product or offering a service (although that is the main reason they are advertising online) it is about informing the general public about their health.

Although health care organizations are careful with the kind of influencers they use, they rather go for online influencers who have a strong followership and reputation and sometimes they bring in practicing health officials and they have been able to grow a large following.

  1. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is quite massive and it includes comedians, artists, actors, dancers and the likes.

Entertainers use influencer marketing to promote their latest movies, albums and shows.

In order to ramp up views for movies and songs, musicians and movie directors pay influencers to use influence marketing to push their songs and movies so that people will listen and watch it.

The entertainment industry and social media go together and since most of the fans of these entertainers are online, there is always a need to carry out influencer marketing to push products.

  1. Fashion and Beauty

Globally, the beauty and fashion industry is said to be worth over 500 billion dollars.

No wonder influencers such as Huda beauty with over 49 million followers, Nikki de Jagger with 15.1 million followers are using their followership to promote the brands of beauty products.

Beauty companies like L’Oreal, Avon, Mary Kay, Kose, Chanel, Natura, Revlon all use influencer marketing to push their latest beauty products for the world to see and buy.

  1. Food

One of the biggest businesses on Instagram is food business.

And food business sells all over the world.

The more people eat, they more chefs emerge to make delicious meals to whet the appetite of their customers.

There are influencers whose job is only to promote food.

They don’t do any other influencing marketing for any other industry except for food.  Influencers like elavegan, memysmoothiesandlife, jancisrobin, themodernproper.

  1. Travel and Lifestyle

Traveling is one of the past time activities people engage in.

Travel agencies and countries whose source of revenue are from tourism makes use of influencer marketing to urge people to travel to their countries for a weekend getaway.

Countries such as Dubai is making use of influencers to convince people to travel to their country.

The Maldives also is not left out of this.

Murad Osman, with over 3 million followers is one of the most coveted and revered travel influencers.

The travel business has taken advantage of the power of the social media and influencer marketing to boost sales.

Businesses are using influencer marketing for many reasons. Apart from reaching a wider audience, they tend to ride on the trust and the integrity built by influencers to market their products.

Owners of social media platforms are happy with this because it is win win situation for all.

With the knowledge that there are millions of people using Instagram, businesses pay influencers with large followers to advertise their goods.

In return, when fans see notifications of a new post from their favorite influencers, they log on, thereby making money for the social media platforms, check out the product and if they like it they buy. Influencer marketing on Instagram has gradually become a pretty big marketing niche of its own.

Everybody goes home happy.


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