Reminders of the past rest across most landscapes providing a fantastic insight to the way people once lived. Bridges can be used as a perfect example only that instead of linking the past to the future, it links communities or cities to each other. Many Bridges have crumbled while some still welcome tourists to this day.

1. Dezful Bridge

It was commissioned in 260 A.D and has stood the test of time. The bridge was designed with 14 arcs spanning over 1,148 feet. Legend says the bridge was constructed by prisoners of war after the fall of the Roman Empire. It has issues with flooding in the past so it’s now used as a pedestrian bridge only.

2. Pons Fabricius, Italy

Pons Fabricius bridge

This is the oldest bridge that is still in use within Rome. It was built in 62 B.C and stretches over 200 feet in length. The pedestrian bridge welcomes travelers and showsno signs of abandoning it’s taskany time soon.

3. Shaharah Bridge, Yemen

Shaharah Bridge

This bridge may not be as old as the others that were earlier mentioned, but it still stands to be as impressive as any of them. It is heavily trafficked by locals and tourists.

4. Alcantara Bridge, Spain

Alcantara Bridge

Not many Bridges contain predictions etched into their design, but this one does. It was completed in 106 A.D reaching a total of 630 feet. It has played it’s role in history at the same time standing tall through centuries and wars that have already taken chunks of the bridge.

5. Qiancheng Bridge, China

Qiancheng Bridge

Qiancheng deserves a special mention because it was entirely made of wood, constructed since 1127 A.D. Its fragile state has meant that repairs have been required from time to time. The method for the construction was such that didn’t involve nails or adhesives. It is simply wondrous to have survived from its point of construction till date.