2021/2022 Opportunities Report for Nigerians

This report contains all the different opportunities that will help you

  • japa abroad via fully funded scholarships

  • get career boosting internships and professional programs that pay you

  • get access to competitions, fellowships, grants (local & foreign) that will boost your career and finances

The 2021/2022 Opportunities Report is a carefully, deeply researched report compiling dozens of opportunities for young Nigerians.

If you are one of the young Nigerians

  • looking to JAPA through scholarships and have little or no money
  • looking for important, paid internships and professional training programs with reputable organisations (within and outside Nigeria) that will help you grow your career while you earn
  • grants, fellowships and program that will advance your career in finance, law, journalism, academics, business etc

This Opportunities Report is for you!

We have done the hard work, sieving through thousands of opportunities to bring you the best.

Information, they say is power.

Now you can have the information to better your life without having to spend money you don’t have.

How to Get the Opportunities Report

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What You Will Be Getting

  • fully paid undergrad and postgrad scholarship opportunities in 43 countries
  • paid internship and professional program opportunities (local and foreign)
  • competitions, professional grants and awards in different fields such as academics, law, journalism, business etc

Additional Benefit: When you pay/order now, we will add you to our list to get our periodic/quarterly updates on opportunities for Nigerians (for free!)