Best Cities in the World to Live in


Post Covid-19 remote work has become even more fashionable. If you are looking to work remotely either as a freelancer or as a worker whose employer has fully endorsed remote work one of the ways to get the best out of your life is choosing a nice place to stay/live in while working remotely.

While choosing best cities to live in as a remote worker you want to consider several factors, safety, healthcare, social activities (with remote work you will definitely need to fill the gap of co-workers with some fun time), as well as very importantly the state of infrastructure (power, internet, etc).

Research done by Nestpick, an on-demand housing platform, showed cities like Australia’s Melbourne and Dubai ranking in the list of 20 best cities to live and work remotely. Nestpick’s study covered 75 cities around the world. The cities were scored across three major categories – costs and infrastructure, legislation and freedoms, and livability.

Melbourne, along with Zagreb, Prague, Dubai, Lisbon were listed among cities that offer a specific visa or equivalent document allowing self-employed and foreign-employed remote workers to enter and work in the country.

Omer Kucukdere, CEO of Nestpick, said that the coronavirus pandemic had prompted many people to reassess their personal priorities, revealing the benefits of remote working flexibility and provoking the question: “Is it really possible to work from anywhere?”

Kucukdere also noted that the pandemic had caused high-earners to leave “business-focused cities to live in places that offer better day-to-day lifestyles, taking their purchasing power with them.”

Here are the ten best cities to live in and work from as a remote worker.

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Dubai, UAE
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. Tallinn, Estonia
  5. London, UK
  6. Tokyo, Japan
  7. Singapore
  8. Glasgow, UK
  9. Montreal, Canada
  10. Berlin, Germany
  11. Prague, Czech
  12. Toronto, Canada
  13. Chicago, USA
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Lisbon, Portugal
  16. Cape Town, South Africa
  17. Edinburgh, UK
  18. Vienna, Austria
  19. Los Angeles, USA
  20. New York, USA

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