funny divorce cases


Divorce is a messy process for all those involved. These individuals are suddenly thrust into complex situations and are still expected to remain ‘professional’ about it. Below are some cases of divorce that some people may consider as funny.

1. A Couple in their late 60’s spent close to 2 hours 30 mins in a fight. After the fight, the aged couple divided their assets because of two hurricane glasses from Pat O’Brien’s and a pitch fork.

Funny enough the couple remarried three months after the divorce.

2. A couple Decided to Forgo Having Children and as a replacement adopted numerous cats and dogs. The main dispute was not over the cats, but over the dogs. This was because the husband was seeking visitation terms for their dogs on the basis of child support. The judge which was in charge of the case eventually decided that the dogs stay with the wife and urged both parties to use common sense to uphold the agreement.

3. In 2016, a farmer and his wife argued over the amount of spousal support that was to be paid to the farmer’s former wife. The couple required 60 court dates in Toronto before being able to settle their disputes.

4. Adebisi Jadesimi a Nigerian, divorced her husband after two years of marriage because he was fond of wearing female undergarments. She found it unbearable and unbelievable that a man will find it comfortable sharing a females undergarments.

5. Ejembi Tony and Rachel in Lagos ended their 5 year marriage because of shoe odour. She filed for the divorce because she felt the smell was unusual and too much to be endured. Rachel opted out of the marriage after having 3 children with her husband.