how to buy gtbank shares


Guaranty Trust Bank (known as GTBank for short) is one of the easily more recognisable financial and banking institutions in the country. Not just that they are also one of the promising companies to invest in, in the Nigerian stock market.

If you are looking to buy GTBank shares or information on how to buy shares in GTBank this article will explain the ways you can do that.

Where is Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Shares Traded?

GTBank is one of the companies that has dual listing (which means the company has its shares traded in more than one stock exchange). In 2007 GTBank became the first Nigerian bank to dual list on an international stock exchange when it was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

This means that you can choose to either buy GTBank shares in the Nigerian Stock Exchange using Naira as the currency or purchase shares in GTBank in the London Stock Exchange using the Pound sterling as currency. The company trades as GTCO in both stock exchanges.

About the London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is the 7th largest stock exchange globally with a total market cap of over $3 trillion (as at the time of this writing). While this pales from the New York Stock Exchange for example, it is a far larger and more liquid stock market than the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

The stock exchange’s primary location is in London, United Kingdom. It is run by the London Stock Exchange Group which itself is a company one can purchase shares and become a shareholder in.

On the London Stock Exchange there are the Main Market which has the stocks of over 1,300 large companies from over 60 countries traded and the Alternative Investment Market which serves as the LSE’s international market for smaller companies.

How to Buy GTBank (GTCO) Shares in London Stock Exchange

To buy shares in GTBank (trading as GTCO) or indeed in any company trading at the London Stock Exchange you need to find and use an international broker or a broker who is licensed to do business with the exchange.

To buy shares in GTBank (otherwise known as GTCO) you would either have to do that through a stockbroker that has license to buy and sell shares in the London Stock Exchange or use several of the licensed/approved stock trading apps which include Avatrade, Etoro, Libertex etc.

You have to check which one works for your present location, download the app, register/provide all personal identification details and once your account is approved you can fund your account and start trading.

How to Buy GTBank Shares in the Nigerian Stock Exchange

If you want to buy shares in GTBank through the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) you can either sign up with a stockbroker (preferably the ones with online presence where you can monitor your investments) or use any of the stock trading apps that enable you buy/sell shares of companies in the NSE yourself.

You can use Chaka, Trove, Investnow, Ameritrade etc


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