how to unblock my gtb atm card


In case you get your GTbank ATM card stolen or missing here are some ways to quickly and effectively block your bank card so no one can have access to your money via the card.

Why You May Need to Block Your Card

If it Gets Stolen

If you have your card stolen it is likely the thief may attempt to access your funds by using the card at any ATM machine or in paying for goods online. If this happens you need to quickly block the card and render it useless

If It Gets Lost

When you lose your card and are not sure where you lost it, one safe thing to do is to block the card. You never know who may pick it up and then attempt to use it or bypass the security measures on the card.

If You Get Unauthorised Debits

When you get unauthorised debits it could be from services you subscribed to that you may have forgotten about and no longer need. Worst case some online websites/service providers make it difficult (instead of easy) to unsubscribe from their service which means your card gets charged every month. In situations like this your best bet may be to cancel/block the card so the charges stop.

All the Channels You Can Use to Block Your GTBank ATM Card

If you use a GTBank account and card there are several options for you to block/cancel your card immediately.

Block Your GTB ATM Card Using USSD

To quickly block bank ATM card through USSD you dial *737*51*74# from any phone number. You will be required to input the phone number you registered the account with as well as your USSD (737) pin. This will lock your account, and block the usage of the ATM card linked to your account.

This is especially useful in cases where you get robbed and lose both your wallet and your phone.

Block Your GTB ATM Card via SMS

To do this text “HOTLIST (Account Number)” to 08076665555. Once the SMS is successfully delivered your account number and the ATM card linked to it will be blocked and unable to be used for transactions.

Block Your GTB ATM Card via Online Banking

To block your ATM card online simply login to your online account at www.gtbank.com through any internet enabled computer or phone device with your login details (username, password).

Click the menu button and select cards. You should see your card(s). Click to see and use the block button or option for the card.