landing an helicopter on the white house


So someone asked a question online on what will happen to anyone who tries to land an helicopter on the White House without authorisation.

The responses were varied and interesting.

But seriously what do you think would happen if you or someone landed an helicopter unauthorised on the White House? [Learn more about flying Helicopters from this extensive manual compiled by the Federal Aviation Administration]

Here are the possible scenarios

  • First if what you are flying is an assault type helicopter the following will likely happen; Air Traffic Control (ATC) will warn you that you’re about to enter restricted airspace and ask you to change course. This warning will come well before you even enter the restricted airspace. If you persist these guys below will be warmed up and ready to take you out.

white house anti aircraft

anti aircraft missile launcher

  • Now let’s check out an incident that actually happened. Someone landed a small helicopter on the white house lawn a few years ago. He was immediately taken into custody. His copter wasn’t shot down or anything like that. This was probably because the helicopter was not a full assault type or a threatening one.


As the pilot/operator named Hughes was taken into custody a bomb sqaud investigated the gyrocopter but found nothing hazardous. Hughes was transferred to central cellblock in Washington.

The 61 year old mailman flew his gyrocopter to the White house lawn as a protest against the influence of money in campaign financing and had letters addressed to congressmen and women in his bag.

The letters were not delivered. Many people thought he was lucky not to be shot down.

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