Life Skills


There’s no handbook for adult life. But there are some certain skills you need to have to navigate the uncertainties of life. These life skills to be honest are not as easy to acquire as they may seem.

Also, these life skills aren’t as obvious as they may seem but here are some of the essential ones you need to get as an adult.

Time management

In life you will be faced with a lot of activities where you are juggling multiple personal and professional priorities and having time management skills will make you feel less frazzled.

One time-management trick you should learn is sticking with one task at a time. Most times, multitasking is counterproductive because the brain expends energy as it readjusts its focus from one activity to another.

Also try to limit the hours you spend working.

Empathizing with others

Empathy is a fundamental part of human interaction. One way to empathize with other people is to listen to them and try to see things from their perspective.

Those who cannot empathize and take an interest in other people are called narcissists.

Making friends in any environment

Learn to form relationships and avoid leaving things to chance. One way to make friends as an adult is to confide in each other. Sharing something personal create closeness and builds relationship. Another tactic is to simply spend more time with the people you’d like to befriend because we tend to like things and people we’re familiar with.

Mending your clothes

Being able to patch a hole or fix a button by hand are simple skills that can extend the life of your clothes and they are not difficult to learn.

Speaking a second language

It is said that learning a second language opens up your mind to an entirely new way of thinking, you’ll notice and appreciate parts of the world you never before experienced.

Learning a new language can also make you smarter because being bilingual  improves cognitive skills.

How to budget

Knowing how to budget and be financially responsible is a vital life skill you need to have. Learning how to spend scarce resources wisely will come in handy whether you’re just starting on getting a handle on your finances. You have to remember that understanding your budget is the first step to achieving financial security.

Public Speaking

Yes, we communicate every day but when it comes to public speaking, you have to learn the basic things that will hold your audience spellbound.

While public speaking can cause some people to cower in the corner, others may take to it like they were born ready. There are so many ways to hone your public speaking skills, you can take a bold step and sign yourself up for a speaking opportunity, be the one tasked with making presentations at work, give a talk in a religious setting, or the open forum at your community meeting.  You will notice the more you practice, the better you become. Just remember to breathe, prepare adequately and express yourself while you are at it.


Negotiation skills are important not only for professionals but for any of us that hate being ripped off of our hard-earned money.

As an adult, you have to keep it at the back of your mind that negotiating—is a must-have life skill because learning how to trade and making an offer can save you money. It can also be a valuable skill when you’re faced with a tricky money situation where negotiating is essential and expected. Don’t shy away from making a bargain. Challenge yourself to practise until you feel comfortable.

Cooking basic meals

You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to sustain yourself. Learning how to cook basic meals and storing them in the freezer will allow you to get the “chore” of cooking out of the way, while still providing nutritional dinners for yourself and your family. Even if it’s just plain rice or noodles, the ability to cook a meal  is a necessary life skill—it’ll save you when your favourite takeout restaurant is closed for a holiday, there’s no time to go to the store, or amid a global pandemic like the one we are currently in.

Making small talk

Communication skills always come in handy, whether you’re chatting up with a guest at a party or networking at a professional conference. You have to learn how to start conversations and make them flow.

One of the most important rules of effective communication is to show interest in your conversation partner and let him share information about himself. Another tactic is to compliment your partner so that she feels better about herself after having spoken to you.

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