reducing electricity bill


If you are like most people you definitely wonder why your electricity bill is always outrageous. The answer is – there are probably appliances that suck your electricity most and cause the increasing bills you get.

Reducing your electricity bill starts with finding out which of the appliances are responsible for the hike in the first place. To do this you first have to realise how much energy a device or appliance consumes. You simply have to look for the wattage – how much watts or kilowatts (Kw) per hour a device uses in a month or year and then find ways to cut down on them.

You have to find the average number used for utility consumption rate by the energy commission or regulator in your country.

When you are finally able to breakdown how much Kilowatts per hour (kWh) each major appliance you use has, you can then check the utility bill from your energy provider and compare to the consumption numbers of each appliance. That way you see clearly which appliances are draining more electricity than others.

What to Do to Reduce Your Bill?

The major way is to reduce your electricity consumption or more practically reduce use of appliances that consume more electricity than others.

Generally these devices listed below are energy suckers and take up more electricity than other appliances. You will do well to regulate, reduce their use.

Hot water circulation pump

Set top box


Air conditioners


Water heater

Washing machines/cloth dryers

Water pump

Hair dryer


Coffee maker