weird sports competitions


Do you consider yourself a sports expert? Soccer, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, and jogging are all well-known, but not everyone is aware of cheese rolling or chess boxing. Interested in learning more? Keep reading because we’ve compiled a list of 7 funny, weird sports you may have never heard of. Absolutely weird!

#1 Tuna Tossing

tuna tossing

Port Lincoln, a small fishing town in South Australia, was the birthplace of this sport. It was established as an attempt to liven up a local celebration and was inspired by local fishermen who would forcefully dump fish onto their trucks. The guy who can toss a 20-pound fish the farthest is the winner. The sport has grown a little cleaner in recent years, with players now using rubber fish.

#2 Toe Wrestling

Players aim to pin down their opponent’s toes for three seconds in this sport, which is comparable to arm wrestling. The best of three rounds is played with bare feet, alternating between left and right feet. For males and females, there are several categories. Since its inception in the 1970s, the World Toe Wrestling Championship has grown in popularity.

#3 Hotdog Eating Contest

hotdog eating contest

The rules require players to consume as many hot dogs as they can in a ten-minute timeframe, making it one of the most popular forms of competitive eating. The sport started at county fairs in the United States and has gained popularity thanks to Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest, which is held annually on July 4th. The sport has generated a multibillion-dollar industry and is popular in the United States, Japan and Canada.

#4 Wife Carrying

wife carrying sports

While this activity may sound like a race hosted in a small European town, it has a worldwide following. The game originated in Finland, where native women were frequently kidnapped. Teams from Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, and the United States are competing in the World Wife Carrying World Championship. The US team is fiercely competitive: to qualify for the world tournament, members must win their state championship. Regardless of the title, any two-person team is welcome to compete.

#5 Worm Charming Competition

Worm charming is a sport in which competitors try to get as many earthworms out of the ground as they can in a set amount of time. There are a variety of ways that may be employed, but the most popular is to just tap the ground in a rhythmic pattern until the worms emerge.

#6 Log Rolling

log rolling

In a log rolling competition, two competitors balance on a floating log while attempting to push their opponent off without crossing the midline or initiating body contact. Kicking the log repeatedly to make it bounce or change direction is a common way for participants to win.

#7 Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer

Players are encased in enormous inflated bubbles that envelop their heads and upper bodies in this unusual sport. The game is played with many of the same rules as soccer, and each team generally includes five players. Not only is this sport a blast to play, but it’s also a hoot to watch!