what are good crime series to watch on netflix


If you are like us you probably are always on the lookout for interesting crime and action series to watch on Netflix.  Movies help make the world go round. Series make the world even go rounder, as you’re lost in the zone, getting you to have something to look forward to at the end of the working day or during weekends. Good series will do that to you. Yes!

Indulging in series bling may affect your health if you overdo it (especially with plenty of junk food eating) so also learn to keep that fat in check. Also watch series only at specific times during the day or week so you do not let movies/series binging get in the way of doing meaningful work and making more money.

Of recent there have been thrilling crime and action series which have kept us hinged to our seats 
at all times. Shows like How to get away with Murder, Collateral, Bodyguard, Peaky Blinders, 
and Money Heist have all proven to us that they are capable of getting our brains going and 
showing us the beauty and the importance of science cum action thrillers in our world today. 

If you love some adrenaline rush, intrigues, blood rushing action these recommended series will definitely keep you engaged for quite some time.

Queen of the South

This is a high octane, action series about drugs, lowly beginnings, survival and wealth. Teresa has it quite rough from early in life, falling in love with a drug dealer/gangster, dealing with fallout of her boyfriend’s drug life/business and having to flee for her life.

Teresa’s acting really gives the series some necessary grip. Following her journey is as compelling as they come. Be ready for edge of the seat action, twists, betrayals and some more.

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

The series that started as La Casa de Papel is a hugely popular crime series (we’d be surprised if you’ve not watched it or heard of it). Following the escapades of a brilliant criminal mastermind who goes by the name ‘The Professor’ this Spanish original series follows ‘The Professor’ as he assembles, what looks on the surface as, a most awkward assemblage of a criminal crew – the crazy Tokyo, the nervy Rio, the two giant cousins Helsinki and Oslo, the pretty and dreamy Nariobi etc.

Money Heist should be on your list of series to watch if you haven’t.

The Innocent Man

Netflix’s true crime series of six episodes The Innocent Man is a fascinating outsider in its kind. While true crime is now all hot in the television industry, it was obviously initially popular as a book, and in 2006, the best-selling author John Grisham published his one and only true crime book: The Innocent Man. Throughout the popularity of this particular story, however, the show does not make it less valuable. Grisham is indeed a camera participant in a six-episode survey that not only tells a truly bizarre story about two murders and probably erroneous convictions in a little city of Oklahoma, but also offers a comprehensive and insightful account of the foregone alternative of humans when the United States of America’s judiciary system collapses.

The Peaky Blinders

This British drama in Birmingham is the focus of the crime organizations’ extraordinary strength in the early twentieth century. Punches and violence on these medium-sized English streets settled scores. There has been no struggle on TV as fistful as this show and very few historical dramas mix historical intrigues with numerous action plays. There is also a lot of action plays. However, the complexity of the individuals is what truly sells all these strife.

How to Get Away With Murder

How to escape murder is a delightful, soapy series of procedural crimes. Viola Davis starts out as a morally dubious teacher who gets caught up in a very chaotic killing mystery, covering some of her most valued students. In the first season, there are enough twists and turns to last a whole series, and they are really exciting to watch. It is your job to try and figure it out each season and that includes a season-old criminal mystery at the heart. This is fantastic if you wish to watch a series that does not attribute too much seriousness to itself.

The Witcher

The initial fan program on this list is still a recent release for many action fans, but many of the other action episodes on Netflix have been distinguished by the mythical conflict between the monster hunter and the mystical creatures he slays. The original series centered on the bestselling books and computer games follows a lengthy warrior who kills magical animals on contracts. The unusual presentation is characterized by its high-end items and adds a lot to the genre of sword and magic.


Bloodline as one of the earlier original series on Netflix is amazingly amazing until it isn’t anymore. The first season is well worth a look, because a man named Danny Rayburn comes back home in the Florida Keys and brings a cloud of plot with him, as secrets from the past have been disclosed and new difficulties bringing stakes for all. It’s a complex, ensemble-driven, criminal family drama that has some really great theatrics, and although it gets rather tedious at the end, the set-up is still extremely overwhelming.


Supernatural is one of the longest TV shows in its fourteenth season and yet is showing no evidence of slowing down. This could be owing to the close friendship between Sam and Dean Winchester, a range of exciting encounters with monsters and guest stars, or to the fascinating plot of Castiel’s short turn to the dark. Supernatural’s 13 initial seasons are available for streaming aficionados of fantasy and action on Netflix, offering viewers a wealth of funny stuff.

The Bodyguard

The initial scene of Bodyguard’s first episode is lowered in you, and the show never truly lets you go through its first six-episode. The series first appeared in UK before debuting in America via Netflix and follows a Metropolitan Police Officer called David Budd, who’s in the middle of a political crisis, notably the debate on how to deal with terrorism, to protect the lives of Julia Montague, a Conservative home secretary. Budd’s biography and background throughout the show is gradually disclosed, prompting the public to debate constantly whether he is a real hero or a possible evil.


For a few reasons, the BBC-produced Collateral Drama series is unique. First, this is a criminal show with a female lead. Two, this is a four-hour closing narrative. Thirdly, instead of simply following a typical procedural format, it truly delights in nuance. A narrative about the murder of a delivery man, who might be an immigrant or a refugee, is based on the story by the writer David Hare and Director SJ Clarkson, Carey Mulligan, as confident detective of London. A simple investigation into a murder revealed a web of intrigue, and the characters framed the whole plot. The novel digs into the concerns of migration and racial tension in a post-Brexit England theoretically, but not without sparks of joy and humor.


Daredevil follows Matt Murdock, a blind vigilante hero who promised to safeguard her neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen against crime and injustice, and another succeeding Marvel series. Daredevil promises to take care of its fans for its three seasons, full of many skillfully performed combat scenes and interesting stories surrounding that disturbed, yet endearing Superhero. Surprisingly, Netflix terminated the series by late 2018 but Daredevil enthusiasts can still enjoy streaming trips.