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– Business (ideas and developments)
– Technology & Internet (ideas and developments)
– Career/Professional Growth
– Money & Finance (ideas, issues, insights and advice)
– Sales & Marketing (ideas, advice, insights)
– Startups (news, reviews and developments)

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Important Information for Guest Bloggers or Writers

1. We accept guest posts.

2. Go through the categories on our site to see areas (topics) we publish on, these are topics we can accept.

3. Send all guest posts in MS Word Format. Don’t include photos, we’ll take care of that.

4. When you send us guest posts please note that sometimes we may be too busy to notify you when the post is published. You should try to check our site to know if your post has been approved, this is in any case we didn’t notify you.

5. It might take between 24 hours to 7 days to get your guest post approved and published on the site.

6. We do not owe any obligation to guest writers to inform them when their guest post does not make it past our editors. When your guest post is not published after 2 weeks assume we did not find it good enough for publishing.

7. We do not accept guest posts written to promote or hype any particular product or service. All guest articles must be written to be of benefit and with valuable information for our readers to stand a chance of being published.